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Want to see all of the track maps? Well, here you go

The 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series continues its run across the north, with round eleven taking place this weekend at Ford Field in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Supercross and the Motor City have a deep history, and that is reflected in the layout that includes a run through the stands, ala the Silverdome. The dirt in Detroit is always very soft, but it’s been in the covered building for more than a week because of a Monster Jam show last Saturday. Will it break down as the laps continue on or hold together from start to finish? We’ll see soon enough.

The layout seems very standard at first glance, lots of long rhythm sections connected by hairpin turns, but this is something lots of riders favor over the short straights and flat turns found in baseball stadiums.

Have a look at the layout below, either by computer rendered drawing or by following along with the animated track map. Either way, you'll get an idea of what to expect on Saturday night.

2016 Detroit SX | Track Map