2016 Mini Major Profile: Maximus Vohland

Second-Generation Speedster


By Megan Maeda

Photos by Casey Davis

Maximus Vohland, 13 years old

Max Vohland is a 13 year old 2nd generation racer whose father, Tallon, was a successful national supercross and GP competitor from the 90s. Max and his family drove down from Sacramento to contest the second annual TWMX Mini Major and was been very impressive at the front of all his motos. Young Vohland is a regular in the 85cc 12-13 yrs class, and although he wasn’t able to walk away with a championship at the Mini Major he still made his impression felt by taking multiple moto wins in both 85/150F 12-13 yrs and 85/150F Open 12-13 yrs. We caught up with the KTM Orange Brigade young gun in between motos at the annual Mini Major and this is what he had to say…

Max how long have you been riding and what was it about dirtbikes?

I've been riding since I was seven years old and I just love dirt bikes. It's a great sport, a tough sport. There will always be down days like I had here at the Mini Major on day two, but today has been a lot better, for me; I got another moto win under my belt. I just love racing! It's fun and it definitely feels great when you're scrubbing out on the track.

Your father has accomplished quite a bit in the sport. Is that something that you look at and feel pressured to do, as well or are you more like "oh, that's dad"?

More like “that's just dad”. I think I have what it takes to eventually surpass my dad since he didn’t win any titles, but he was very fast! I'm going to turn pro and I’m going to work hard at it to try to get as many titles as I can so I can show my dad I have more titles than he does.


You obviously have the mentality of, "oh my dad is just my dad",  but he has so much experience and knowledge. Do you think it’s good to have someone like that on your side?

Oh, for sure! If I didn't have him on my side it would be a lot harder; honestly, I don't think I would be here if it wasn't for him. He's been through everything this sport can throw at you, and he knows every mistake he’s made, so he’s able to teach me before I make those same mistakes. Yeah, without my dad I don't think I would be here, right now.

You came down from NorCal. We see you down here on occasion, but what do you think of the Mini Major and the racing down here?

It's a great race and there's lots of competitive racers down here. We came down last year for the Mini Major, so to do it again this year has been great because Transworld puts on a great event. Great track, fast riders, and a great race.


What do you see in yourself as your strengths as a racer? Your dad was very smooth and good with lines, so what are your strong points?

My strong points are scrubbing jumps and corners. Those are definitely my strong points on the track.

Scrubbing came about after your dad's career, so would it be safe to say that you're the better scrubber in the Vohland family?

Yes, the greatest.

Three generations of Vohland men!

Three generations of Vohland men!

Now what is it like to meet kids that you know are named after your father?

It's different. We actually have a friend who's dad named his kid Tallon, it's weird calling that name, but it's just a name.

Maximus, Max, what do you prefer to go by?

Well everyone just calls me Max, it's a lot shorter, but Maximus is my real name so everyone just calls me Max.



I'd like to thank KTM, Red Bull, Acerbis, Scott Goggles, FMF, Troy Lee Designs, John Moore, R&D Racing, Nihilo Concepts, Dunlop, and everyone else thank you!

I forgot to ask  about your grandpa? Is he a big part of your racing program?

Yeah, he's pretty much my mechanic, so thanks to him, my dad, and my uncle Tyson too; they help me out a lot.