Let’s be honest, there is no offseason in this sport. Riders work through the entire year in one way or another, and now is the time to hit overseas Supercross races. The biggest event on the unofficial schedule is Paris-Lille, which dates back decades and has hosted stars of the sport, is set to take place November 12 and 13th at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium. Located in northern France, the soccer stadium is much larger than the previous venue in urban Paris and lets the course builders to get creative with a long layout.

Like we said a few sentences back, races like this are a perfect bonus for a US-based competitor. The European fans love to see stars from the other side of the Atlantic, promoters pay incredibly well, and it lets a rider get a few gate drops before in Anaheim One. The 450 line-up for the 2016 Paris-Lille SX was recently announced and should provide some epic battles over two nights. The SX2/250 division and a 125cc race will serve as support classes for the event.

Few things worth pointing out in the SX1 class:

– Marvin Musquin is on the entry list for the first time in a few years.
– Justin Barcia will make his debut on his new JGRMX Suzuki machine.
– Arnaud Tonus will make his debut with the Wilvo/Yamaha Racing team.
– This will be Christian Craig’s first time at the race.
– Romain Febvre has spent plenty of time on SX tracks lately and is expected to be much more competitive than last year.
– Although this is a standalone event for some, Lille is part of a larger French SX championship.

Check out the entry list for the SX1 class and track map below, then check back in a few weeks when we fly to France and cover the event…

2016 Paris-Lille SX | Track Map



2016 Paris-Lille SX | SX1/450 Class Entry List

5. Cyrille Coulon
6. Thomas Ramette
19. Loic Rombaut
25. Marvin Musquin
35. Arnaud Tonus
47. Malcolm Stewart
48. Christophe Martin
48G. Christian Craig
51. Justin Barcia
64. Khoun-Sith Vongsana
81. Brian Hsu
100. Tommy Searle
120. Cedric Soubeyras
121. Xavier Boog
137. Adrien Escoffier
141. Maxime Desprey
221. Kevin Ballanger
461. Romain Febvre
737. Valentin Teillet
871. Fabien Izoird
911. Jordi Tixier