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Want to see all of the track maps? Well, here you go

The 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series ends its time in Southern California this weekend with round six taking place at PetCo Park in downtown San Diego, California. This is the second visit to the city this season for the circuit and what riders will face this time around will be far different than their visit in early January. It’s hard to believe this is one of the final rounds for the West Coast 250 SX Championship, but this is go time for the handful of guys that have a shot at taking home the title. The 450 class is still warming up in their seventeen-round swing and should up the intensity soon, likely this weekend.

Because PetCo Park is a baseball diamond, riders will be on a much tighter track than last week’s layout in Arizona. Somehow Feld Motorsports and Dirt Wurx crammed thirteen turns into the stadium, which will send guys flying back and forth in every direction. It’ll be interesting to see what the fast line will be through the four rhythm sections and if the pack can tighten up in the sand and straightaways.

This same soil has been sitting in the sun for about a month now, because Feld has controlled the venue and alternated between Monster Jam and Supercross events. It’ll likely be wet in the morning, dry in the afternoon, and the tacky with ocean air during the night show.

Have a look at the layout below, either by computer rendered drawing or by following along with the animated track map. Either way, you'll get an idea of what to expect on Saturday night.

2016 San Diego Two SX | Track Map


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