2016 Toronto SX | James Stewart Out

Injury from Daytona puts JS7 on sidelines

2016 Toronto SX | James Stewart Out

Due to the crash he suffered at last weekend’s Daytona SX, James Stewart has decided to sit out of this weekend’s 2016 Toronto SX, round ten of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series.

During the opening lap of the heat race, the Yoshimura Suzuki rider lost his rhythm at the start of a whoop section, cracked the throttle to regain speed, and then looped out into the last rollers. His body took the brunt of the impact, as his tailbone hit directly on the top of one whoop and his leg was landed on by the falling motorcycle.

Stewart was helped off of the track by medics and limped into the Yoshimura Suzuki pit area. He emerged moments later, hobbled over to an awaiting pit vehicle and left the venue.

Stewart commented on the crash Wednesday with posts on his social media channels, which read:

What’s up peeps. As you know I busted my Gluteus Maximus last week in the whoops. That’s the second time I ever looped out but the first time on tv where the world can see it. After studying the film, there is a perfectly good reason why that happened. Too much gas and not enough brake. That’s it!! Lol. But in all seriousness that hurt so bad and still is hurting. Can’t sit down without my donut or without some cushion for my behind. I’ve been getting a lot of support from you guys and I truly appreciate it. It’s been a tough year but I’m here for the journey back to where I belong. No one but you knows how hard you work, how many hours you put in the behind the scenes. Rely on yourself for approval, not the outside world. Just gotta keep pushing!!!!

We arrived at the Rogers Centre early Friday morning and spoke with the team, and they confirmed the news that Stewart will not be lining up on Saturday night.