2017 Anaheim One SX | Corner Pocket

Photos by Emery and Swanberg

The pits at any given Supercross event are massive, and we admit it: We don't always make it to EVERY corner of them. There's a lot going on, and as you can tell by our previous content this week – we try our best and do cover some ground! An idea popped into our head this weekend as we walked deep into the Anaheim One paddock, and that was to keep going…all the way to the corner pocket! Who would we find? Could it be an unknown guy from the other side of the world? Would we find Jason Lawrence? The answer this week? Jon Ames – a rookie privateer who was racing his first Supercross ever at Anaheim. A pretty decorated amateur, Jon is now making a go at the professional racing life on a privateer budget. We sat down for the first edition of "Corner Pocket" and learned more about Ames in this fun two minute chat…

So you're my guy Jon, you're the first corner pocket interview. How is it back here? It seems peaceful, but you have a little walk to get to where you need to go. Tell the people who you are and where you're from.

I'm Jon Ames, from Arizona, and we're stuffed back here in the corner at Anaheim Stadium! It's a good spot because it's kind of quiet, we have our own group of people here, we don't get too crowded out I guess. I like it right now, it's pretty fun – I can't complain!

You're a rookie, right? We saw you this year at Red Bull Straight Rhythm.

Yeah, I am brand new to this. I raced Straight Rhythm, but that is completely different than this. I mean you still race fast guys, you're still doing Supercross, but I mean the corners make everything. Jump for show, corner for dough of course. So this is the debut of what I've been trying to do my whole life.

So are you living in California now?

Yeah, I live in California in Riverside. People helping me out right now are FOX, VonZipper, Ethika, Twisted Development, my Mom and Dad, ProTaper, Dedicated, Moto Seat. They've all been helping me out a bunch.

So you'll be running the West Coast rounds?

Yeah I'm planning on doing all of the West Coast rounds, that's the goal.

Number 179 on a Yamaha…

Yep, number 179. Who does that remind you of?

I can't remember…

He's number 4 now.

Baggett? That's his old number?

Yeah! You're the only one who hadn't said anything. Everybody I know just points at me and says Baggett right away.

So is that a good thing? Baggett was pretty good on a 250!

I mean, I know Blake – I like him, but it kind of sucks! Being held to that standard…[Laughs]

So what's the plan for today?

Worry about qualifying, getting that perfect lap in. And then where we end up for qualifying take it one step at a time in the heat race get a good start, and then put in that 5 minute plus one.

Sounds like a plan, good luck to you!

*Editors Note: Jon Made it into the main at Anaheim One, and results showed he finish 22nd place. Congrats on making the main first try!

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