2017 Anaheim Two SX | Corner Pocket

Meet Conner Stouff, Working Class Pro

We’re back at it again with another edition of TWMX Corner Pocket, and this time we met a true working class privateer and Anaheim local. Conner Stouff has lined up at the first three rounds this year and enjoys the fun of being a true part-time weekend warrior. We had a cool little conversation, and it was interesting to get his different perspective on things.

So here we are, Anaheim 2, corner pocket. How do you like it back here and how do you end up back here?

I like it, it's nice and quiet – there's not too much traffic. You end up here I guess because nobody pays attention to you, I'm one of the slower guys but it's all good! [Laughs]

Give the people your name, where you're from, and what class you race.

Conner Stouff, I'm from Anaheim, California – actually right down the street – and I race the 450 class.

Have you done any other rounds?

I've done A1, San Diego, but I didn't make it to the night show. We're a little bit closer this time, I like the track a lot today.

Being from Anaheim, does that give you a lot of pride to be here?

Oh, yeah! That's why I have to come, every year. I live right down the street, like literally two miles down the street.

How long have you been pro?

I think this is my fourth year.

Full privateer pit setup. Chips, salsa, helmet and goggles, WD40, shoes, Gatorade, and tools. What else could you need?

Who helps you out at the races?

This year I have Epoxy It SoCal, Mid Cities, TBT Suspension, FOX, my Mom and Dad, and my brother in law Broc.

So I noticed your hat choice is on point, TransWorld Motocross is strong in the corner pocket!

Oh yeah, for sure!

What's a benefit to the corner pocket?

Everybody's nice back here, it's a nice privateer community and everybody is just really friendly.

Who's got the motorhome?

That's my parent's motorhome. It's brand new, they just got it this year! We were in a Bounder before, I don't know if you've ever seen it! It was like the Bounder from Breaking Bad! [Laughs]

That's epic. Do you have plans for the rest of the season?

This will probably be my last one, since I work 40 hours a week so I just do this on the weekend. This will be my last round for the year.

What pays the bills throughout the week?

I do low voltage electrical work, so I install things like fire alarms and security systems.

Nice, what advice can you give to the kids that may be in your position where you're a fast rider but also want to have a sure way to pay the bills?

I don't know, I think I'm in a good position because I'm not like these other guys out here. They put everything into motocross and when it doesn't work out they're kind of left stranded. For me, I've already been doing construction for five years and kind of have a career already. This is just a weekend hobby and it's really fun!

It takes that pressure and stress off then, right?


Nice chatting with you, anyone you want to shout out?

Anyone that's helping me out, but my Mom and Dad for sure because they help me out a lot!

Follow Conner on Instagram: @conner846

*Editors Note: Conner ended up finishing qualifying in 53rd, failing to make the night show this time around. I also completely blew it and missed his last practice so I apologize for the lack of riding photos!