Alex and his Father run the whole Supercross circuit in their red Ford pickup, all with smiles on their faces.

Photos by Emery

The massive indoor pits in Atlanta held host to plenty of different teams and riders last weekend with the Atlanta Motofest going on. From factory rigs, to Arenacross teams, to Monster Energy Team Green Kawasaki Supermini pits, there was plenty of space for them all. Following our promise to search out the far corner of the pits we hoofed it all the way to Alex Nagy-land, a spacious piece of pit real estate that held host to this week’s Corner Pocket interview. Enjoy!

Start this off with your name, number, where you're from, and what class you race.

My name is Alex Nagy, I'm 20 years old, rider number 509 on a Suzuki from Richmond, Illinois, and I ride the 450 Class.

Tell us a little about yourself, I've seen you around for a few years now doing your thing.

Yeah, so right when I turned 16 I started racing pro and I did a couple of outdoors. After that I started racing Supercross – I did my first year on a 250 and I made I think two night shows, which was pretty good. It was a pretty steep learning curve trying to figure things out, especially having no prior Supercross experience. After that I moved up to a 450 and each year I've just been plugging away more and more. Last year I was able to qualify at every 17 night shows in the 450 class so that was pretty cool. No night shows yet, though – I've missed it by one, I've missed it by two. Oh so close! So not able to make it into a main yet, but I'm hoping to get that done here soon.

Right on, so what qualifying group are you generally put into?

Every weekend I'm usually in the C-group, but sometimes they'll put me in the B-group. I don't mind it, any qualifying group you're in has it's advantages and disadvantages but every week I've been in the C-group and it's been working for me, so no complaints here.

Do you find yourself to be the faster guy in the C-group, or does it vary?

It just depends, I always try to be the fastest guy and for the most part I'm at the top of the leaderboard but last weekend since so many 250 East guys moved up to the 450 Class I was like 4th on the board. It was still good enough to get in, because the guys that were ahead of me were qualifying in the 20's. So each weekend, you kind of get a little fluctuation in depending on who's fast that get's put in that practice but for the most part it's pretty consistent.

Talk about your bike – you've been on Suzuki's for a while now right?

Yeah, I've been on Suzuki since 2014 and Sportland 2 dealership back home has helped me get bikes. I have absolutely zero support from Suzuki, and all of my support for bikes comes from Sportland 2 out of Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

And that's near you're hometown?

Yeah, I'm from Illinois but they're right on the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

So who did you grow up racing?

Lets see…growing up when I was an amateur I was in the Jordon Smith kind of era. Jordon Smith, Adam Cianciarulo – I was never anywhere near Cianciarulo, I don't think anyone was at that age. But I had a couple years at Mini-O's where he beat me, I got second – stuff like that. I had decent amateur career but nothing that was anywhere near good enough to get me anything in the pros.

You’re riding a 450 now, and those guys are on 250's – you do it because of the cost correct?

As far as trying to make ends meet as a privateer, it's pretty much next to impossible on a 250 just because to be competitive you have to build a really expensive motor to even show up and expect the bike to be able to jump a triple. In the past, I've ridden a 250 outdoors and it's brutal. Your bike becomes pretty much a super-expensive hand grenade at that point. That's why I got on a 450, because it takes little to no motor work, and the bike is competitive right out of the box. Also, in Supercross you make a little bit more money, which helps to get from round to round versus the 250.

From your perspective, these bikes do come very competitive. Do you even touch the motor?

Race Tech did a little bit of motor work this year – nothing extreme though. It's a pretty chill 450 and if the average person were to ride it they wouldn't think that it's anything insane. It's definitely a quick bike and Suzuki's have been the same for the past few years, so not much has changed. They are solid and reliable.

So where did you drive here from?

I drove here from Illinois, my dad and I left at noon yesterday straight from his work and drove the 12 hours here. Got here at midnight, slept in the truck in the parking lot and here we are today!

Damn! Two dudes and a pickup.

Yeah, every weekend – since I think Thanksgiving – we've only gotten one hotel. We're always in and out, driving in and driving out.

You drive in Saturday AM sometimes?

Yeah, pretty much leave as late as we can during the week to get here and leave as early as we can from here to get home. So every weekend is a time crunch.

But you've hit every round so far?

Every round so far…

And you're driving that red truck right there?

Yep, and that truck was brand new just before December and it's already got just under 20,000 miles on it and we got it at zero.

“It sleeps two, comfortably.”

Here's what I want to learn – what are the best sleeping tips when you're truckin' it?

The best sleeping tip for sure is to get a truck with a bench seat. My dad sleeps in the front across that, and I sleep in the back across that bench. It sleeps two, comfortably.

Oh! So extended cab with two bench seats…

Crew cab, Lariat, bench seats!

I'm learning, maybe I'll move into a pickup truck with my girlfriend this year – California rent is expensive! So are u planning on hitting all the rounds?

Yeah, I'm hoping I can find someone to take my bike up to Seattle. In the past, I don't think I've ever flown to a Supercross round since I've been riding the 450 Class. We drive everywhere! I'm about done driving this year, so I'm praying I can find someone to take my bike to Seattle.

Drop your email incase anyone out there reading this might be able to help you out!

Yeah, so if there's anyone out there that might be about to help me out you can email me at or get a hold of me on Instagram – @alexnagy509

Whoever's reading this – hook a brother up! So when this whole moto career wraps up, you think you'll just become a truck driver because you already have this trucking thing dialed?

You know, I've been trying to figure it out fast what I want to do after I'm done riding. I think I'm just going to become a cop, which seems to be my only plan for now. Driving on the road, I deal with enough truck drivers so I don't think I want to become one!

I hear you. Are you a California dreamer or you always going to reside in Illinois?

I definitely spend a lot of time in California and I love it, but pretty much the only good thing about California is Supercross and riding the hills like Beaumont and all those spots. The hills are getting cracked down on, and it's becoming tougher and tougher, and Supercross is over for now so I have no point being in California until next year! I'm definitely going back home and it's always good to be back in Illinois.

Perfect, who do you have to thank?

I've been wearing AXO since age 14, so I've been with them for a while now and as far as Supercross I think I'm the only guy wearing their gear so that's pretty cool. It's an awesome brand and I've been stoked to be a part of it ever since we started. Sportland 2 helps out huge with bikes, Brandon at ODI is always good to me hooking me up with grips and bars, everyone at Race Tech keeping my bikes dialed in with suspension, Yoshimura always takes care of me, Brad at EVS, Tat and Doug at Pirelli, Justin at JJW with graphics, Austin at Rekluse is always good to me, Shoei helmets, Motostar, RK – and everyone else i might have forgot that helps me out. Thank you!

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*Editors Note: Alex qualified 35th into the night show, and would finish his night in 15th in the LCQ.