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It’s been two months since the start of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series and with each round, we become even more enamored with the action on the track. The 2017 Atlanta SX, round eight of the year, proved to be just as incredible as one would hope as riders again faced a challenging track and the skills of their peers. By the end of the night, two popular riders reaffirmed their rank in the sport’s upper echelon win thrilling wins in the main events.

250 Heat One

Dylan Ferrandis forced a few key riders wide in the first turn and pivoted his Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha around the tight bend to take the lead. The SX rookie was quickly joined by Adam Cianciarulo, and the two talented riders squared off for the top spot in the early moments of the moto. Cianciarulo made a forceful pass for the lead exiting a tight turn and took off aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki machine. GEICO Honda rider Christian Craig went down twice in the short race, once with Fredrik Noren in a turn and later on his own in the whoops. Craig would later opt out of the LCQ and was finished for the night.
Transfer to Main Event | Cianciarulo, Ferrandis, Hampshire, Harrison, Thompson, Noren, Locurcio, Miller, Wentland
Total Race Time | 6:24.303 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 5.399 seconds
Laps Led | Adam Cianciarulo - 4, Dylan Ferrandis - 3
Fastest Lap Time | Adam Cianciarulo - 53.432 seconds

250 Heat Two

Privateer Joshua Cartwright claimed the holeshot and opening lap of the race, but was eventually passed by Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne. While Osborne ran alone up front, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Joey Savatgy cut his way through the pack and up to second place by the third lap of the moto. Although the gap between the top two was less than a second in the final moments of the race, Savatgy was unable to make a pass attempt on Osborne and they crossed the finish line just moments apart.
Transfer to Main Event | Osborne, Savatgy, Smith, Peters, Martin, Nichols, McAdoo, Audette, Alix
Total Race Time | 6:17.406 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 0.987 seconds
Laps Led | Zach Osborne - 7
Fastest Lap Time | Joey Savatgy - 53.113 seconds

250 LCQ

Luke Renzland ran a near-perfect race from start to finish, as the Traders Racing Yamaha rider nabbed the holeshot and led every lap to the checkered flag. Further back, Paul Coates pressured and passed Cody Williams for the final spot in the feature event.
Transfer to Main Event | Renzland, Cunningham, Archer, Coates
Total Race Time | 4:38.058 minutes, 5 laps
Margin of Victory | 3.677 seconds
Laps Led | Luke Renzland - 5
Fastest Lap Time | Luke Renzland - 55.911 seconds

250 Main Event

Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM's Jordon Smith forced his way to the early lead and grabbed the holeshot. Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha's Dylan Ferrandis followed Smith off the start, but washed his front-end out in the sand and went down. Opening round winner Joey Savatgy was buried in a pack at the start of the moto. A few minutes into the race, Zach Osborne applied pressure to the leader and made the pass stick after a few attempts. Once in front, Osborne ran his own moto without issue and claimed the first main event win of his career. Adam Cianciarulo went down and remounted in seventh place, but was forced off the track when Ferrandis had more problems and went down directly in front of him. Alex Martin challenged his teammate Jordon Smith for second place and took the spot away when Smith made a small mistake. Smith came back and reclaimed the position from Martin, but the two collided in a slow turn and Smith went down. Martin would end the race in second place, while Smith finished fifth. Thanks to the melee at the front of the field early in the race, Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider Colt Nichols quietly worked for the final spot on the podium.
Total Race Time | 16:13.993 minutes, 18 laps
Margin of Victory | 6.367 seconds
Laps Led | Zach Osborne – 13, Jordon Smith – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Zach Osborne – 53.007 seconds

2017 Atlanta SX | 250 Class Main Event Results

250 East Coast SX Championship Standings

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450 Heat One

Broc Tickle blasted out of the gate and to the front of the running order aboard his RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki machine, with Ryan Dungey closely in tow. The lone pass for the top spot occurred early, with Dungey taking over and riding away unchallenged to the checkered flag aboard his Red Bull KTM machine. Better action occurred further back in the field, like Malcolm Stewart's run to second place before he stalled his Racing Suzuki in a slow turn and Chad Reed's charge up to second place. Cole Seely held off aggressive advances from Justin Barcia and took the final transfer to the main event.
Transfer to Main Event | Dungey, Reed, Tickle, Seely
Total Race Time | 6:07.877 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 2.581 seconds
Laps Led | Ryan Dungey - 7
Fastest Lap Time | Chad Reed - 52.451 seconds

450 Heat Two

Vince Friese and Blake Baggett began a battle for the lead at the very moment the gate dropped, with Baggett ultimately besting the SmarTop/MotoConcepts/Honda rider for the top spot. Once alone and up front, Baggett was able to click off quick laps and claimed the win for Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM. Mediocre starts shuffled Dean Wilson, Jason Anderson, Jake Weimer, and Eli Tomac down the running order and all were forced to line up for the semi rounds.
Transfer to Main Event | Baggett, Grant, Musquin, Bogle
Total Race Time | 6:10.424 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 4.638 seconds
Laps Led | Blake Baggett - 7
Fastest Lap Time | Blake Baggett - 52.541 seconds

450 Semi One

Justin Brayton charged to the first turn but quickly lost the lead to Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's Jason Anderson. Eli Tomac made his way around Justin Brayton and put on a charge in hopes of preventing a gap between Jason Anderson and himself. Tomac eventually caught and challenged Anderson for the lead, but ran out of time and finished in second. Nick Schmidt squeezed by Cade Clason and secured himself a spot in the main event.
Transfer To The Main Event | Anderson, Tomac, Stewart, Brayton, Schmidt
Total Race Time | 5:16.292 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 0.644 seconds
Laps Led | Jason Anderson – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 52.254 seconds

450 Semi Two

Red Bull KTM rider Trey Canard executed a perfect start and grabbed the lead. Dean Wilson settled into second place after passing Mike Alessi while Vince Friese held fifth place, as well as the final transfer position, over Kyle Chisholm. Chisholm came back to battle for the spot late in the main, but ran out of time and was unable to take the spot from Friese. Dean Wilson applied some pressure on Trey Canard, yet was unable to make the pass for the lead.
Transfer To The Main Event | Canard, Wilson, Barcia, Alessi, Friese
Total Race Time | 5:20.413 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 1.012 seconds
Laps Led | Trey Canard – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Dean Wilson – 52.684 seconds

450 LCQ
Jake Weimer hugged the inside of the first corner, and led the field of riders from there-on. While battling for a transfer position, Cade Clason made a run at Scott Champion through the whoops, but came up short. This was not the end for Clason, because he later launched into the sand then made the pass on Champion on the final lap. The intense battle was not over, as Clason made a mistake in the whoops and Champion was there to capitalize. The two ran bar to bar out of the final corner and since Champion finished inches ahead, he earned the spot in the main event.
Transfer To The Main Event | Weimer, Gilmore, Ray, Champion
Total Race Time | 4:34.141 minutes, 5 laps
Margin of Victory | 3.769 seconds
Laps Led | Jake Weimer – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Jake Weimer – 54.400 seconds

450 Main Event

Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey rocketed out of the starting gate, and took control of the race. Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin suffered bad starts, but both riders focused ahead and made their way through the pack. A pass by Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM's Blake Baggett on Mike Alessi put Baggett in second place, a position he held for much of the race. Cole Seely and Justin Bogle got around Alessi in the same corner, and turned their focus to the front runners. During his fight up to the front, Chad Reed went down in a corner and remounted in 13th place. Tomac continued to make moves, as he passed Seely for third, and Baggett for second spot. Jason Anderson made his way through the pack and after being in eleventh place early in the race, ultimately finished in fourth. Following these passes, Tomac began to charge toward Dungey in hopes of capturing another win. With a fast pace, Tomac closed the gap between Dungey and himself, but ran out of time and finished in second place to Dungey. This was Dungey’s second main event win of the year and it reaffirmed his hold on the championship standings.
Total Race Time | 21:13.858 minutes, 24 laps
Margin of Victory | 1.509 seconds
Laps Led | Ryan Dungey – 24
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 51.926 seconds

2017 Atlanta SX | 450 Class Main Event Results

450 SX Championship Standings