2017 Daytona SX | Race Report

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The 2017 Daytona SX, is arguably the most unique and iconic race of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series. The challenging, long, and fast Ricky Carmichael-designed track proved to be more difficult for most riders, but an advantage for some. Each and every rider's combination of stamina and speed was put to the test, as this was the longest-running track in Supercross. This weekend, each race was back to a traditional "lap" race format, rather than the time-based format that has been in use throughout this SX season. By the end of the night, this proved to be one of the most exciting races of the season so far.

250 Heat One
Joshua Cartwright flew out of the gate and grabbed the holeshot, but Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna Zach Osborne immediately took control of the race with a pass on the privateer. Troy Lee Designs/ GoPro/Red Bull/KTM's Jordon Smith also maneuvered his way past Cartwright and into second place, and with this the top two took off. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Joey Savatgy had a rough start to the night and was deep in the top-ten early, but was eventually was able to make his way up to third place. Jerry Robin had issues starting his Blue Buffalo/Slater Skins/Yamaha just before the moto and was able to make the call thanks to a frantic push from people nearby. From this, Robin managed to finish the race in fifth.
Transfer to Main Event | Osborne, Smith, Savatgy, Alix, Robin, Cunningham, Cartwright, Thompson, Wentland
Total Race Time | 6:59 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 1.545 seconds
Laps Led | Zach Osborne – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Zach Osborne – 1:13.223 minutes

250 Heat Two
Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Adam Cianciarulo had a great jump off the start, but swept too wide in the first turn and allowed a mass of riders to roll by. Alex Martin was one of those riders, as he tucked his Troy Lee Designs/ GoPro/Red Bull/ KTM around the inside, and took control of the heat race. During his push to return to the front of the pack Cianciarulo got into Traders Racing Yamaha's Luke Renzland in hopes of making the pass for fifth and almost took himself out. After having to regroup, Adam made the pass on Renzland and began working on Dylan Ferrandis. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider was unable to hold off Cianciarulo, and lost fourth place. Alex Martin held off Christian Craig, and earned his first career heat win.
Transfer to Main Event | Martin, Craig, Harrison, Cianciarulo, Ferrandis, Renzland, Rodriguez, Locurcio, Audette
Total Race Time | 6:41.697 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 2.729 seconds
Laps Led | Alex Martin – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Alex Martin – 1:13.418 minutes

250 LCQ
Fredrick Noren executed a perfect start as he rocketed out of the gate and grabbed the inside line. Dylan Merriam followed Noren off the start, and the two riders charged ahead. Tony Archer followed the two up front, and snagged himself a third place finish. Kyle Swanson and his crew were overcome with excitement and emotions, as he advanced to his first ever Main Event, while Dylan Merriam also made the first main event of his career.
Transfer to Main Event | Noren, Merriam, Archer, Swanson
Total Race Time | 4:26.441 minutes, 4 laps
Margin of Victory | 3.147 seconds
Laps Led | Fredrik Noren – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Fredrik Noren – 1:17.334 minutes

250 Main Event
The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teammates rocketed out of the start and took the early lead. Adam Cianciarulo used his intensity to get around his teammate Joey Savatgy and the two teammates gapped the rest of the field immediately. They held a five-second gap on Lorenzo Locurcio by the third lap. After Zach Osborne made his way into third place, he tipped over in the sand and remounted, which left him in eighth place. Osborne regathered after his mistakes and began charging through the pack. French rider Dylan Ferrandis took the outside around Locurcio, along with Smith and Osborne, who all made the pass on the CycleTrader.com/Rock River Yamaha rider. With two laps to go, Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's Zach Osborne began challenging Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM's Jordon Smith for fourth place. The two riders swapped lines and exchanged roost, but Osborne was unable to make the pass on Smith. Meanwhile, Adam Cianciarulo outlasted pressure from his teammate and captured his first win of the season. With Cianciarulo’s win, Savatgy’s second place finish, and Osborne’s fifth, the points chase is now much tighter.
Total Race Time | 17:53.618 minutes, 15 laps
Margin of Victory | 4.018 seconds
Laps Led | Adam Cianciarulo – 15
Fastest Lap Time | Adam Cianciarulo – 1:13.655 minutes


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450 Heat One
AutoTrader/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki's Justin Barcia carried his momentum around the first turn and emerged with the lead. From this point Barcia kept Jason Anderson, along with the rest of the field behind him, and grabbed his first heat win of the season. Jeremy Martin, who was aboard a 450 for the first time, began charging towards Justin Brayton in fourth place, but Martin cased a triple and nearly flew off the bike. Team Honda HRC's Cole Seely took advantage of Martin's mistake, and moved up to fifth place. Martin's rough heat race continued, as he tucked the front-end exiting a straight away and plowed into the ground. Luckily, he immediately got back up but was out of transfer to the main event. Seely applied pressure to Brayton, in hopes of taking the final transfer position, but was unable to make the pass before the checkered flag waved.
Transfer to Main Event | Barcia, Anderson, Baggett, Brayton
Total Race Time | 6:39.972 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 1.295 seconds
Laps Led | Justin Barcia – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Justin Brayton – 1:12.546 minutes

450 Heat Two
Monster Energy Kawasaki's Eli Tomac seemed to have the early lead, but Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey cut to the inside line of the second corner and took over. Eli Tomac immediately fired back and reclaimed the spot. Marvin Musquin came out of nowhere in the same corner, and also made the pass on his teammate for second place. Ryan Dungey did not give up, as he stayed with Musquin and applied pressure but Musquin outlasted the challenge from Dungey, and remained in second. After gapping the rest of the pack, Eli Tomac grabbed another heat race win. Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM's Davi Millsaps took the final transfer position, after a close battle with Justin Bogle.
Transfer to Main Event | Tomac, Musquin, Dungey, Millsaps
Total Race Time | 6:36.600 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 3.827 seconds
Laps Led | Eli Tomac – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 1:11.588 minutes

450 Semi One
Vince Friese grabbed the holeshot, and put the stacked field of racers behind him. . Despite pressure from Chad Reed, SmarTop/MotoConcepts/Honda's Vince Friese remained in the lead and earned his first Semi win of the season. Monster Energy Kawasaki's Josh Grant settled in third, followed by Jake Weimer. Dean Wilson worked the outside of the track, and made his way into fifth place, despite suffering a bad start and almost going down in his battle to a transfer position.
Transfer to Main Event | Friese, Reed, Grant, Weimer, Wilson
Total Race Time | 5:27.442 minutes, 5 laps
Margin of Victory | 2.806 seconds
Laps Led | Vince Friese – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Chad Reed – 1:13.159 minutes

450 Semi Two
RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki's Justin Bogle grabbed the early lead, as Cole Seely lept into second place. Bogle lost the lead after crashing while entering the sand section. Cole Seely and Malcolm Stewart took advantage of the mistake and moved up into first and second place, respectively. Jeremy Martin carried momentum as Bogle made a mistake, which moved Martin into fifth place. Team Honda HRC's Cole Seely earned the Semi win, followed by Malcolm Stewart in second.
Transfer to Main Event | Seely, Stewart, Tickle, Alessi, Martin
Total Race Time | 5:28.083 minutes, 5 laps
Margin of Victory | 4.733 seconds
Laps Led | Cole Seely – 4, Justin Bogle – 1
Fastest Lap Time | Cole Seely – 1:13.085

450 LCQ
Kyle Chisholm carried his momentum around the outside of the first corner and snuck his way in front of Nick Schmidt and the rest of the field. Schmidt settled into second place, followed by AJ Catanzaro in third, and Scott Champion in fourth. These riders made the cut for the main event. After a poor start in the race, RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki's Justin Bogle finished in sixth and did not advance into the Main Event.
Transfer to Main Event | Chisholm, Schmidt, Catanzaro, Champion
Total Race Time | 4:23.200 minutes, 4 laps
Margin of Victory | 3.204 seconds
Laps Led | Kyle Chisholm – 4
Fastest Lap Time | Justin Bogle – 1:14.777

450 Main Event
Jeremy Martin flew around the outside of the first corner and snuck his way in front of Eli Tomac. Meanwhile, Ryan Dungey ran in 17th place by the end of the first lap, after a bad start and getting hung-up on Justin Barcia's bike. While Ryan Dungey worked his way up through the field of riders, Eli Tomac began to close the gap between Jeremy Martin and himself. Marvin Musquin went down and fell from tenth to 16th. While running in fourth, Chad Reed got bucked in a rut and looped out, then nearly hit Justin Brayton, but luckily both riders escaped the incident without further issues. Eli Tomac closed the gap on Jeremy Martin, the two riders raced inside to outside, using up the whole track, but it was Eli Tomac who ended up making the pass stick. After running in the top five, issues for Justin Brayton left him in tenth place. Cole Seely made his way into fourth place, which put both of Team Honda HRC riders in the top five. With two turns to go in the race, Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey showed the determination of a champion and made the pass on Seely for fourth. Monster Energy Kawasaki's Eli Tomac finished nearly 18 seconds ahead of second place and captured another win for the season. Jeremy Martin put on an amazing ride for his first race in the premier class and finished in second place after leading for more than half the race.
Total Race Time | 23:49.310 minutes, 20 laps
Margin of Victory | 17.618 seconds
Laps Led | Jeremy Martin – 10, Eli Tomac – 10
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 1:11.671