2017 Indianapolis SX | Adam Cianciarulo Update

Fifth place finish despite tweaked knee


The fact that Adam Cianciarulo raced to a fifth place finish in the 250 Main Event at the 2017 Indianapolis SX should be enough to make it clear that he is okay enough to ride despite a run-in with Zach Osborne during practice, but there’s plenty more to the story. Cianciarulo and Kawasaki have both confirmed that an injury of some sort was suffered in the crash, but the full extent of the damage is not yet known.

Tempers flared between Cianciarulo and Osborne during the early moments of the second 250 A Group Timed Qualifying Session, as the two traded very close passes on the very first lap. Things reached a tipping point when Osborne made contact with Cianciarulo in a left-hand bowl turn and sent Cianciarulo off the track. Osborne was able to finish out the session without issue, but Cianciarulo felt a strong pain in his left leg and received assistance from the Alpinestars Mobile Medical staff.

We stopped by the Pro Circuit pit area soon after the crash and watched Dr. Steve Navarro tend to Cianciarulo’s leg, and he was able to line up for the day’s final practice and the night show. After the main event we spoke with Cianciarulo about the status of his knee and what will happen in the upcoming week, and he was upbeat despite the damage. “I’m not perfect, but after that practice incident, I was thinking there was a ninety-five percent chance that I wasn’t racing. I couldn’t even put any pressure on the knee, so Steve Navarro helped me out a ton between practices. We taped it up, stimulated it, iced it, and did everything we could to get out there for practice,” said Cianciarulo in our How Was Your Weekend interview.

“I had a decent heat race and didn’t want to get the holeshot because I wasn’t at one-hundred-percent strength. But the knee started to come around by the end, it loosened up and started to feel better,” he continued. “My left leg definitely loaded up a little bit and I think my left quad was compensating for my knee there.”

When asked if his training program would change to help limit time on the wounded area, Cianciarulo responded with, “I think this week will be lighter on the motorcycle. I don’t think anything is structurally wrong with the knee. I’m standing on it now and it’s fifty-percent better than it was in that practice session. I’ll definitely have to do some rehab on it and strengthen the things necessary, but nothing that will hold us back too much going forward.”

Cianciarulo and Osborne both reportedly received warnings from AMA official John Gallagher for their aggressive actions toward the other, and Joey Savatgy was noticeably irked at Osborne due to the incident.

As it stands, Cianciarulo is third in the 250 East Coast SX Championship standings behind Osborne and Savatgy as the series heads to Detroit in just a few day’s time.