2017 Indianapolis SX | Race Report

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Another night, another wild twist to the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series. The championship took over the Lucas Oil Stadium for the eleventh stop of the season and riders faced a challenging track and ever-changing conditions, customary for the event in the Circle City. Since there’s only a handful of races left in either championship, it’s clear that riders will do whatever they have to in order to rise up the rank in their respective classes. Get ready, because things are just getting good.

250 Heat One
Despite a damaged knee from an afternoon incident with Zach Osborne, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Adam Cianciarulo snagged the holeshot and led the opening laps of the night's first race. Cianciarulo's pace was quick early, but a few botched attempts at a big combination in a rhythm lane allowed Jordon Smith and Christian Craig to pass him for the top spots. These were the only major passes at the front of the field, as Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM rider Smith claimed the win over GEICO Honda's Craig.
Transfer to Main Event | Smith, Craig, Cianciarulo, Martin, Wentland, Cunningham, Rodriguez, Miller, Featherstone
Total Race Time | 8 laps, 6:15.367 minutes
Margin of Victory | 1.360 seconds
Laps Led | Adam Cianciarulo – 2, Jordon Smith – 2
Fastest Lap Time | Christian Craig – 47.306 seconds

250 Heat Two
Mitchell Harrison claimed control of the race with an exceptional start aboard his Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha machine. He was closely followed by Zach Osborne and together the two took off from the rest of the pack. Eventually, Osborne managed to steal the lead away from Harrison and the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna took a dominating win. There was plenty to see a bit further back in the field when Joey Savatgy stumbled in the whoops and crashed, which caused Dylan Ferrandis to go down as well. The two riders were able to rejoin the race, with Savatgy running back to third at the finish and Ferrandis eight.
Transfer to Main Event | Osborne, Harrison, Savatgy, Alix, Noren, Thompson, Short, Ferrandis, Robin
Total Race Time | 8 laps, 6:20.221 minutes
Margin of Victory | 8.964 seconds
Laps Led | Mitchell Harrison – 3, Zach Osborne – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Zach Osborne – 47.398 seconds

250 LCQ
Dylan Merriam led the LCQ from start to finish over Joshua Cartwright while Luke Renzland charged from deep in the field to a transfer spot just laps from the checkered flag. Privateer rider Drayke Sizemore ran third for much of the moto until a crash two laps from the finish left him injured and unable to continue. This allowed Eric Grondahl to take the final transfer spot.
Transfer to Main Event | Merriam, Cartwright, Renzland, Grondahl
Total Race Time | 5 laps, 4:12.188 minutes
Margin of Victory | 4.221 seconds
Laps Led | Dylan Merriam – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Luke Renzland – 51.196 seconds

250 Main Event
Joey Savatgy led the field into the tight first turn with title rival Zach Osborne in tow. Together the two riders pulled away from the competition and began a battle for the top spot that lasted the full duration of the race. Savatgy set the tone in the early laps aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki while Osborne pursued him closely on his Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna. Each rider had their better lines on the tight track, but the whoops were truly the deciding element in the event. After the two riders jumped through the section time and time again, Osborne opted to skim across the top of the rollers and closed in on the leader. The two then came together in the following turn and Osborne's aggressive pass caught Savatgy off guard and changed the running order. Savatgy did all he could to reclaim the position, even putting in the best lap of the night, but there were no more chances before the checkered flag. With that, Osborne claimed his third win of the season and extended his point lead in the championship. A few places back in the running order saw a great battle for a podium spot between Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM teammates Alex Martin and Jordon Smith. The two stayed together through the middle of the moto, even running into each other after a high-speed swap sent Martin to the deck and Smith up to third. Adam Cianciarulo managed to put the earlier issues from the day behind in the main event and scored fifth place finish on the night.
Total Race Time | 20 Laps, 16:01.551 minutes
Margin of Victory | 2.201 seconds
Laps Led | Joey Savatgy – 9, Zach Osborne – 11
Fastest Lap Time | Joey Savatgy – 47.481 seconds


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450 Heat One
Monster Energy Kawasaki's Eli Tomac got out front the moment the gate hit the ground and sped off to a dominating win. Once again the real interest in the race was just a few spots back with a battle for the final transfer position to the main event between Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey. The two multi-time champions traded clean passes for fourth place in the middle of the moto, with Dungey overtaking Reed with speed but Reed retaliating with crafty passes. Their fight went to the finish line, with Reed besting Dungey to the line by less than a second.
Transfer to Main Event | Tomac, Seely, Anderson, Reed
Total Race Time | 8 laps, 6:05.081 minutes
Margin of Victory | 6.247 seconds
Laps Led | Eli Tomac – 8
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 45.773 seconds

450 Heat Two
Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM's Blake Baggett nabbed the lead at the start of the race and was eventually passed by teammate Davi Millsaps for the top spot. As they ran at the front, Red Bull KTM's Marvin Musquin closed the gap and made it a three-way fight for the lead. Musquin managed to make it around Baggett early, but found a foe in Millsaps, and their fight went to the final lap. Musquin snaked through an inside line and slowed Millsaps's momentum, then charged to take the checkered flag.
Transfer to Main Event | Musquin, Millsaps, Baggett, Stewart
Total Race Time | 8 laps, 6:15.539 minutes
Margin of Victory | 1.553 seconds
Laps Led | Blake Baggett – 1, Marvin Musquin – 2, Davi Millsaps – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Marvin Musquin – 46.934 seconds

450 Semi One
SmarTop/MotoConcepts/Honda riders Mike Alessi and Vince Friese ticked off two solid starts and began the moto at the front of the back. RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki's Justin Bogle trailed the teammates for a few moments and finally made the crucial passes with stellar speed through the whoops. Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's Dean Wilson and Josh Grant stayed in the top five for the full duration of the race and made their big moves in the closing laps, taking second and third respectively.
Transfer to Main Event | Bogle, Wilson, Grant, Friese, Alessi
Total Race Time | 7 laps, 5:32.340 minutes
Margin of Victory | 1.907 seconds
Laps Led | Vince Friese – 2, Justin Bogle – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Justin Bogle – 47.605 seconds

450 Semi Two
SmarTop/MotoConcepts/Honda's Justin Brayton jumped out to the early lead and avoided a wild first turn pile-up that included Tyler Enticknap and Trey Canard. The two were able to rejoin the race but were out of transfer spots. Back up front, Brayton held off the long pursuit by Red Bull KTM rider Ryan Dungey and their close running order kept the crowd locked on the top spot. Even with a last-lap push, Brayton outlasted Dungey for the win.
Transfer to Main Event | Brayton, Dungey, Tickle, Weimer, Barcia
Total Race Time | 7 laps, 5:26.876 minutes
Margin of Victory | 0.824 seconds
Laps Led | Justin Brayton – 7
Fastest Lap Time | Justin Brayton – 47.606 seconds

450 LCQ
Cade Clason claimed the holeshot and was passed a few laps in by Trey Canard. With the spot, the Red Bull KTM rider rolled on to the win. Clason's LCQ excitement was far from finished, though. A few bad laps shuffled him down the running order and as the white flag flew, he was in fifth place and out of a transfer spot to the main event. With one last chance, Clason put an aggressive pass on fourth-place rider AJ Catanzaro that put both riders on the ground and allowed Adam Enticknap to take the final spot in the main event.
Transfer to Main Event | Canard, Schmidt, Chisholm, Enticknap
Total Race Time | 5 laps, 3:58.575 minutes
Margin of Victory | 6.846 seconds
Laps Led | Cade Clason – 1, Trey Canard – 4
Fastest Lap Time | Trey Canard – 48.605 seconds

450 Main Event
Blake Baggett bested the field through the opening lanes of the track and was followed Eli Tomac, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, and Marvin Musquin. This group quickly found their rank in the running order, with Tomac taking the lead and Dungey launching a hard pursuit soon into the race. The two title contenders were untouchable through early part of the long race and built a massive lead on the field in a very short time. Tomac's lead stretched out a bit in the middle of the race until a series of sloppy laps let Dungey reel the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider back in, but in a moment’s notice Tomac took off again and reaffirmed his lead with decisive moves through lapped riders. Dungey's pace remained strong in the middle of the moto, but teammate Marvin Musquin was just a touch better and passed the defending champion for second place in the closing laps. With this order at the finish, the margin of points in the championship becomes even tighter as we enter the homestretch of the season.
Total Race Time | 27 laps, 21:26.086 minutes
Margin of Victory | 5.850 seconds
Laps Led | Blake Baggett – 2, Eli Tomac – 25
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 46.753 seconds