2017 Minneapolis SX | Justin Brayton Out

Hopeful for Atlanta return


After a week of uncertainty, SmarTop/MotoConcepts/Honda rider Justin Brayton has confirmed he will miss the 2017 Minneapolis SX due to the crash and concussion he experienced on the opening lap of the 450 main event last week at the 2017 Arlington SX. This is a setback for the Midwest native, as this was to be his “home race” with US Bank Stadium located just a few hours north of Iowa.

Brayton hung close to the inside line of the first turn through the start of the race, but seemed to drag the bike over the lip of the first obstacle in the first rhythm section. This sent him off course and into the path of Justin Bogle, who hit Brayton's head with the front-end of his RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki. Brayton was knocked out instantly and a red flag was required in order for the Alpinestars Mobile Medical staff to tend to the downed rider.

In the social media update, Brayton said that he feels fine after the concussion and is hopeful for a return next weekend at the 2017 Atlanta SX.

The crash takes place in the first twenty seconds of the GoPro onboard footage from Davi Millsaps.