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The first gate drop of the 2017 Monster Energy Cup was a wild one. Unfortunately, Justin Bogle was caught up in the carnage and went down hard, resulting in a red flag of the first Main Event of the night. As we reported in yesterday’s Monday Kickstart, Bogle was in good spirits when we ran into him Sunday morning, despite the concussion and asthma attack suffered in the crash. Since then, Bogle posted an update on Instagram regarding his accident and the AutoTrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing team has posted video footage of the crash.

In the video, 51Fifty Energy Yamaha rider Justin Hoeft gets crossed up and collides with the front of Bogle’s bike. Per our conversation with Bogle, he made it clear that jump by Hoeft was unintentional and jump transition was bad, particularly on the right side of the track, which caused Hoeft’s bike to kick sideways as it left the jump face.

The post from Instagram can be read below…

@justinbogle19: Rough weekend but lucky it wasn’t worse! Very grateful for Doc Bodner and the whole @alpinestars medical crew, they are life savers when things go bad. Thanks to my team @jgrmx and all my sponsors for the support, little recovery time and we will be back to work! God is good

2017 Monster Energy Cup | Justin Bogle Crash


In the first main event of the night at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup on October 14, Justin Bogle collided with another rider. The resulting crash left the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team member with a concussion. Bogle was unable to continue. For more team news, please visit