2017 SCOTT Sports Prospect Goggle Launch

All-new goggle from SCOTT Sports

SCOTT Sports | 2017 Launch_558


Over the last few months, we’ve heard rumblings about an all-new goggle from SCOTT Sports. One of the largest players in eyewear for motocross (as well as snow, cycling, running, ect.), the brand is out to recapture their place that they’ve admittedly lost in the competitive market. After learning more about what went into the new Prospect, which takes on the “big lens” theme, things certainly look promising for the brand. Here’s a rundown of what we know so far.

– The Lens Lock retention system is one of the most important features of the goggle, as it’s held in place via a channel cut into the frame and four “locks” at the top and bottom. According to SCOTT and their testing, there is no chance that it can become dislodged due to debris or impact. This is a critical feature in our current era of fast, powerful motorcycles.

– The outriggers attached to the frame distribute the pressure/seal of goggle evenly across the face, rather than just the tension from the strap pulling on the sides.

– The strap is 50mm wide.

– Rather than come up with a new injected lens, SCOTT has opted to stay with what they know, which is laser-cut Lexan. The lens of the Prospect is 1mm thick, compared to the 0.8mm thickness that is common for most goggles. Lexan is more resistant to scratching than other materials.

– The four posts on the lens are unique and serve dual purposes: better retention of traditional tear-offs on the large lens without interfering with removal during a moto, and allows the Works film system to “snap” in place without tools.

– The optional Works film system (i.e. roll-offs) is 50mm wide. This version of the Works film system gives the Prospect the largest field of vision in muddy conditions. A previous lens for the Works film system was dotted with “dimples” that helped the film move across without sticking, but there were complaints from riders that the small bumps interfered with their vision and looked like rain on the lens. The film system for the Prospect features a small strip of clear material directly in the middle of the lens (shown below), which keeps the film from laying directly on the lens. Surprisingly, it is not noticeable when the goggle is up to your face.

SCOTT Sports | 2017 Launch_569

– SCOTT has implemented their thermo-formed No Sweat foam onto the frame.

– Each goggle will come with two lenses: one with a grey or blue hue for bright conditions, and one clear.

– The nose piece is an optional accessory that can be put on and taken off at the rider’s discretion.

– Per the display helmets at the unveiling, it looks like the Prospect will fit into the eyeport of every popular premium helmet on the market, which are included in this small gallery. It’s worth noting there is no “youth” version of the goggle, but as you can see, the Prospect goes right inside Ryder Difrancesco’s 6D lid.

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– The Prospect is almost entirely made in the United States, at SCOTT’s facility in Ogden, Utah. The only part that is imported is the strap, which comes from SCOTT’s sister-facility in Austria.

– The goggle will retail for $89.95.