2017 Toronto SX | Race Report

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The 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series made its lone trip out of the United States for the 2017 Toronto SX, round nine of the ongoing championship. One of the biggest stadiums of the schedule, riders competed on a massive layout with silty soil during the night’s long program of action. The 450 class championship saw another repeat winner, while the intrigue in the 250 class continues to grow with the East Coast region. From here the series moves south to Daytona, another huge challenge that comes in one week’s time.

250 Heat One

Dylan Ferrandis flew into the first turn aboard his Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha and took control of the moto. The French rider outlasted an onslaught of challenges from Troy Lee Designs/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM teammates Alex Martin and Jordon Smith and GEICO Honda's Christian Craig through the entire race, with the gap growing and closing in every lap, and claimed the first heat race win of his career in the United States. Craig, Smith, and Martin had their own duels during the chase of Ferrandis, with Craig ultimately taking second place over Smith. A late crash by Maritn allowed Anthony Rodriguez to take fourth.
Transfer to Main Event | Ferrandis, Craig, Smith, Rodriguez, Martin, Renzland, Miller, Short, Audette
Total Race Time | 6:46.616 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 0.426 seconds
Laps Led | Dylan Ferrandis – 7
Fastest Lap Time | Christian Craig – 57.304 seconds

250 Heat Two

Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha's Colt Nichols claimed the early lead with an exceptional start and opening lap. With a clear track and no competition close by, Nichols clicked off a series of solid laps and took the win, his first of the season. Joey Savatgy and Zach Osborne both started the race outside the top-ten, but within a few laps the championship contenders found their way near the front of the pack. Osborne took third, while Savatgy had a small tip over and still managed to get fourth.
Transfer to Main Event | Nichols, Cianciarulo, Osborne, Savatgy, Locurcio Harrison McAdoo, Hampshire, Thompson
Total Race Time | 6:44.747 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 4.225 seconds
Laps Led | Colt Nichols – 7
Fastest Lap Time | Zach Osborne – 56.873 seconds

250 LCQ

Kyle Peters grabbed the early lead on his AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki and cruised to the win well ahead of Fredrik Noren and Joshua Cartwright. Jesse Wentland made a hard charge from deep in the top-ten to fourth on the final lap, as he made the vital pass for the final transfer spot on Zack Williams just feet from the finish.
Transfer to Main Event | Peters, Noren, Cartwright, Wentland
Total Race Time | 4:01.121 minutes, 4 laps
Margin of Victory | 4.010 seconds
Laps Led | Kyle Peters – 4
Fastest Lap Time | Jesse Wentland – 1:00.107 minutes

250 Main Event

Dylan Ferrandis led the first lap of the main event, a new accomplishment for his time in America, and then had an intense battle for the top spot with Joey Savatgy. The two traded multiple high-speed block passes in the opening laps, with Savatgy making a move stick after five long minutes. Zach Osborne followed Savatgy by Ferrandis and with this, another fight for the lead began to build. Ferrandis, meanwhile, would go down near the middle of the race but remounted and finished fifth. Back up front, Osborne managed to reel in Savatgy midway through the moto and made a decisive pass for the position that Savatgy was unable to retaliate on. Osborne immediately opened a gap on the rest of the field and took the checkered flag for his second consecutive main event win. Savatgy, unfortunately, had a hard crash in the closing laps while leaping through the long rhythm section. He remounted the race, had another run-in with Ferrandis that put both riders on the ground, and remounted in sixth. With crashes by Savatgy, Colt Nichols, and Ferrandis, both Adam Cianciarulo and Christian Craig were able to slip into podium positions for the main event, with AC claiming second and CC taking third.
Total Race Time | 16:57.275 minutes, 17 laps
Margin of Victory | 9.159 seconds
Laps Led | Joey Savatgy – 2, Dylan Ferrandis – 4, Zach Osborne – 11
Fastest Lap Time | Zach Osborne – 57.713 seconds

250 Main Event Results

250 East Coast SX Region Championship Standings


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450 Heat One

Marvin Musquin ushered the field to the first turn, but the Red Bull KTM rider was passed on the opening lap by Monster Energy/Yamalube/Chaparral/Yamaha Financial Services/Yamaha's Chad Reed. Once in front, Reed rallied to the checkered flag for his first heat race win of the year. Good battles formed a little deeper in the pack, like Ryan Dungey's run from fifth to second in just a few laps and the new rivalry between Marvin Musquin and Justin Bogle. Just when it seemed like their fight for a transfer spot was set to hit its peak, literally, Bogle tucked the front-end of his RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing machine and the Red Bull KTM rider went on to the main event.
Transfer to Main Event | Reed, Dungey, Musquin, Millsaps
Total Race Time | 6:40.842 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 1.573 seconds
Laps Led | Chad Reed – 7
Fastest Lap Time | Ryan Dungey – 56.457 seconds

450 Heat Two

Jason Anderson jumped out to the early lead, but Eli Tomac took over the top spot just a few moments into the moto. Tomac took off on his Monster Energy Kawasaki and led every lap of the race to the checkered flag. Ride365.com/Stewart Racing's Malcolm Stewart stayed safely in the top four for the full race, while Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM's Blake Baggett put on a hard charge that took him from out of a transfer spot to fourth place. Broc Tickle and Justin Barcia went bar to bar for fifth in the final laps, and although this was not a transfer to the main event, they traded block passes like it was for the win, with Tickle taking fifth and Barcia sixth. The two exchanged words after the checkered flag, and Tickle reportedly took a swing at Barcia.
Transfer to Main Event | Tomac, Anderson, Stewart, Baggett
Total Race Time | 6:39.313 minutes, 7 laps
Margin of Victory | 2.950 seconds
Laps Led | Eli Tomac – 7
Fastest Lap Time | Jason Anderson – 56.867 seconds

450 Semi One

With a holeshot to start the race, Justin Barcia was able to run the full length of the semi without much interaction from other riders. Behind the AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki rider the field fell into place, with Justin Bogle and Dean Wilson making key passes and claiming transfer spots for the main event.
Transfer to Main Event | Barcia, Bogle, Wilson, Weimer, Chisholm
Total Race Time | 5:52.020 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 1.815 seconds
Laps Led | Justin Barcia – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Justin Barcia – 58.502 seconds

450 Semi Two

Another exceptional start put Vince Friese up front in the race early, but Broc Tickle managed to get around him for the lead in the opening lap. This was remarkable, considering the FIM saw his actions towards Barcia after their heat race altercation and gave Tickle last gate pick for the race and fine. While Friese and teammate Justin Brayton exchanged passes for second place, Tickle took off with the win. Cole Seely overcame a poor start to finish third at the checkered flag.
Transfer to Main Event | Tickle, Brayton, Seely, Grant, Friese
Total Race Time | 5:50.385 minutes, 6 laps
Margin of Victory | 4.697 seconds
Laps Led | Broc Tickle – 6
Fastest Lap Time | Broc Tickle – 57.968 seconds

450 LCQ

Cody Gilmore grabbed the holeshot while Mike Alessi took over the lead on the opening lap. The two stayed in this order for the rest of the race, while three races just behind them tussled for the final transfer. Adam Enticknap held off Cade Clason and Alex Ray for fourth, a fight that lasted until a small crash by Ray and a slower pace by Clason allowed Enticknap to take the final transfer spot at the finish.
Transfer to Main Event | Alessi, Gilmore, Schmidt, Enticknap
Total Race Time | 4:58.333 minutes, 5 laps
Margin of Victory | 3.086 seconds
Laps Led | Mike Alessi – 5
Fastest Lap Time | Cody Gilmore – 59.066

450 Main Event

The start was critical for success in the 450 feature. Blake Baggett was up front in the first few sections of track, until Eli Tomac launched into the lead with a big combination in the long rhythm lane. This was what Tomac needed, as he ran off with the lead while the rest of the competition figured out their rank in the running order. Blake Baggett stayed in second for most of the race, until he was caught and passed by a charging Ryan Dungey. A crash late in the race disrupted Baggett's chance at another podium and he ultimately finished the race in fifth. There was much more to Dungey's performance than mentioned previously because the defending champion and current point leader came from deep in the field and passed a number of riders to wind up in the runner-up spot. Broc Tickle's exciting night continued in the main, as he put in a solid start and matched the pace run by other front-runners and claimed a career-best third place finish.
Total Race Time | 21:42.314 minutes, 22 laps
Margin of Victory | 14.264 seconds
Laps Led | Eli Tomac – 22
Fastest Lap Time | Eli Tomac – 56.794 seconds

450 Main Event Results

450 SX Championship Standings