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Jon Ames and Chaz Braden, the two riders involved in the wild head-on collision in the first 250 Heat Race at the 2018 Arlington Supercross have released updates on the injuries they sustained. The incident occurred on the final lap of the qualifying race when Ames, who ran in the ninth and final transfer position to the Main Event, was on the receiving end of a block pass in the last turn by another rider and was forced out of the correct lane. This put Ames into the oncoming traffic of the high-speed straightaway just as Braden, who was near the tail of the pack, came through. Although the riders attempted to avoid the other, a high-speed collision occurred and left both riders with leg injuries.

At first, Braden seemed to fare the worst in the crash because he was thrown some ten feet from his motorcycle and was on the ground in agony. After a few moments with the Alpinestars Mobile Medical staff, Braden managed to get to his feet and leave the track. His post on Instagram states that he has a “bum knee” as a result of the crash and that his bike was totaled out in the impact, but he will race again soon.

Ames, however, was not so fortunate. It took a considerable amount of time for the track workers and medical staff to get him separated from the wreckage. Once he was away from the bikes, he was loaded onto a backboard and taken to a local hospital for further evaluation and care. We were told on Saturday that he likely suffered a leg injury of some sort, but details were scarce at the time. On Monday Ames confirmed that he sustained a broken left femur as a result of the crash, his second broken femur in less than six months time.