While protecting yourself in the event of the inevitable crash is of utmost importance, there are seemingly unlimited options when it comes to the manner in which you do so. Different materials, designs, styles, and even technology can be had among the many offerings of riding gear, helmets, goggles, and boots offered by the aftermarket. In an attempt to help you make your choices for the new season, we've gathered the most popular offerings from the sport's premium brands and have them all in one place for a visual feast of motocross goodness. Enjoy!

Like what you see below and want to add it to your gear bag? We’ve hyperlinked every piece available from leading retailer back to the product’s landing page so you can purchase and have it shipped right to your door in no time! Better yet, many of the goods are available at great deals that are far below the MSRP prices listed.

Shift MX WHIT3 LABEL Helmet | $149.95

Shift MX WHIT3 LABEL Tarmac Jersey | $29.95

Shift MX WHIT3 LABEL Tarmac Pants | $79.95

Shift MX WHIT3 LABEL Air Gloves | $21.95

Shift MX WHIT3 LABEL Boots | $219.95

O'Neal Racing 5 Series Blocker Helmet | $139.99

Blur Optic B–50 Magnetic MX Goggles | $89.99

O'Neal Racing Mayhem Blocker Jersey | $39.99

O'Neal Racing Mayhem Blocker Pants | $119.99

O'Neal Racing Mayhem Palms Gloves | $29.99

O'Neal Racing RDX 2.2 Boots | $399.99

HJC CL–X7 Helmet | $149.99

Viral Factory Series PRO 3 Goggles | $74.99

Moose Racing M1 Jersey | $34.95

Moose Racing M1 Pants | $109.95

Moose Racing SX1 Gloves | $21.95

Bell Helmets Moto–9 McGrath Replica Helmet | $699.95

SPY Omen Fatigue Goggles | $95.00

Alpinestars Racer Supermatic Jersey | $39.99

Alpinestars Racer Supermatic Pants | $119.95

Alpinestars Radar Flight Gloves | $29.95

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots | $199.95

FOX Racing V1 Sayak Helmet | $169.95

FOX Racing Main Goggles | $44.95

FOX Racing 180 Sayak Jersey | $34.95

FOX Racing 180 Pants | $109.95

FOX Racing Dirtpaw Gloves | $24.95

FOX Racing 180 Boots | $249.95

SHOT Race Gear Furious Venom Helmet | $109.99

SHOT Race Gear Assault Goggles | $24.99

SHOT Race Gear Devo Alert Jersey | $26.99

SHOT Race Gear Devo Alert Pants | $69.99

SHOT Race Gear Devo Alert Gloves | $19.99

SHOT Race Gear X11 Boot | $129.99