After a tumble in the whoops during the 450 Heat Race at the 2018 Houston Supercross, Marvin Musquin suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to withdraw from the rest of the evening’s races. As soon as the qualifying races were complete, we headed to the Red Bull KTM pit area and saw Musquin discussing matters with the team and attempting to move his arm.

Press play to see Musquin’s crash. The video is timed to begin just before the crash occurred.

The initial word from the team was the Musquin was going to attempt to race the LCQ, but when the riders filed into the gate, the incoming championship was missing from the pack. Musquin apparently got on the bike to ride to the stadium and made the immediate decision that he could not continue. The failure to score points in the main event dropped Musquin from a first-place ranking to a ten-place ranking.

Late Saturday night Red Bull KTM issued a press release regarding the situation, which included a quote from Musquin. The team confirms that there is a shoulder injury of some sort and that Musquin will undergo a full evaluation early in the week to determine the chances of racing at the 2018 Anaheim Two Supercross.

"After qualifying 3rd today, I went down hard in the whoops in my heat race. I landed on my left shoulder and felt really beat up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to line up for the rest of night. I’m really disappointed about that given the team and I were in a good place after our win last weekend. But I will get checked up as soon as I get home and will know more in the next few days. Supercross is a longer season so I’m hopeful I will be able to line up in Anaheim 2." – Musquin in Red Bull KTM press release.