This weekend marks the first of two 250 East Vs. West Showdowns in the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series, which will take place at the 2018 Indianapolis Supercross. Since the inception of the format decades ago, we’ve seen countless exciting battles from the top talent on either coast. If you’re familiar with the sport, you’ll notice it’s the exact same as what takes place in Las Vegas at the final round, but if you’re new to the sport, here’s a quick reminder of how the day at Lucas Oil Stadium will go…


The top twenty riders in both the 250 West Coast and 250 East Coast will be placed into their own practice and qualifying sessions depending on the region, while riders outside of the top-twenty from either coast will be placed into the “overflow” sessions. The top forty qualifiers from the sessions will be entered into the night show’s Heat Races.


Like qualifying, the Heat Races are separated by the coast a rider competes on. Each Heat Race will be comprised of twenty riders and the top nine finishers in each Heat Race will advance directly to the Main Event, while tenth through twentieth of each Heat will line up for the Last Chance Qualifier. The duration of the Heat Races will be six minutes plus one lap.

The Last Chance Qualifier will be a twenty-two rider race for the final four transfer spots on the gate in the Main Event. It’s important to note that while the Heat Races will seed an even split of nine riders from each region into the heat races, anything goes in the Last Chance Qualifier and one region could sweep all four spots. The duration of the Last Chance Qualifier will be five minutes plus one lap.


With the starting order set, the top twenty-two riders of the night will face off in the Main Event. This is the only points-paying race of the night and how a rider finishes in the results will determine the amount they receive in their region’s championship. The point payout is the same as any other race, with first place getting twenty-six points, second place getting twenty-three points, third place getting twenty-one, and so on. The position a rider finishes will determine the points you receive, regardless of the region. With this format, there can be a major shift in the championship standings of either region.

The video below explains the process. It’s set to begin playing at the moment the 250 Showdown is detailed.