Our January cover is up for grabs. Will it be you?



The TWMX Mini Major presented by SEVEN at Milestone MX is approaching this week on October 25-28, and the event becomes a literal dreamland for these youngsters all weekend – on and off the track. This year we’re expecting around 1,000 racers that will all take over the grounds as their parents try and chase them and their race buddies around! With the past two year Supermini Class winners landing magazine covers, we are extending this same cover exposure for the third year in a row but opening it up to any rider that embodies the TWMX Mini Major! Let us explain…

Being a successful racer goes beyond just winning races, so this year our staff is going to be on the lookout for a standout rider from any of the top classes that not only has winning speed but also good sportsmanship, charisma, and style! That being said, after the dust settles this Sunday at our TWMX Mini Major presented by SEVEN, we’re going to choose that lucky mini ripper and shoot a January issue cover of TransWorld Motocross and secure their spot in our magazine history.

Looking back at the past two riders gracing the cover, you’re joining a list of accomplished riders that are on a fast track to the pros. We’re just trying to give the best exposure and promote everything our race and TransWorld Motocross brand stands for. Click HERE for all the information you need on the race, and check out the past two covers below to get you stoked.

Stilez Robertson | TransWorld Motocross | February 2017

Jett Reynolds | TransWorld Motocross | January 2018

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