The run of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series continues with the sixth round of the championship set to take place this weekend, the 2018 San Diego Supercross. Petco is a newer addition to the series and with the way things are shaping up in the 250 and 450 classes, it looks like this year could be one of the very best yet. Injuries took a toll on riders in the early rounds, but over the last few weeks, we've seen massive improvements from the wounded and a few new additions to the entry list. Check out the list of names below and get ready for the last California round of the series…

2018 San Diego Supercross | 250 Class Provisional Entry List

1. Justin Hill
11. Kyle Chisholm
17. Joey Savatgy
23. Aaron Plessinger | Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star/Yamaha Factory Racing rider leads the 250 West Coast championship standings.
26. Alex Martin
28. Shane McElrath
30. Mitchell Harrison
32. Christian Craig
40. Chase Sexton
42. Dakota Alix
53. Bradley Taft
54. Phil Nicoletti
59. Cole Martinez
63. Hayden Mellross
67. Justin Hoeft
68. Justin Starling
71. Josh Mosiman
75. Noah McConahy | Returns after missing rounds with a fractured femur.
77. Ryan Surratt
81. Chase Marquier
92. Adam Cianciarulo
117. Julio Zambrano
122. Chris Howell
137. Martin Castelo
138. Blake Lilly
141. Robbie Wageman
149. Tallon LaFountaine
160. Jess Pettis
170. Michael Leib
188. Gage Schehr
217. Ryan Breece
240. Bryce Stewart
271. Kyle Fry
275. Johnny Jelderda
277. Kordel Caro
321. Bradley Lionnet
383. Casey Brennan
422. Philip Klakow
424. Tyler Custer
427. Deegan Vonlossberg
448. Broc Shoemaker
497. Brock Leitner
651. Jake Hogan
707. Robin Kappel
715. Kele Russell
805. Carlen Gardner
817. Jason Clermont
820. Dalton Oxborrow
902. Killian Auberson
952. Ludovic Macler
973. Jean-Baptiste Marrone
992. Jean Ramos


52. Mitchell Oldenburg | Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star/Yamaha Factory Racing rider suffered a severe cut to his arm in Oakland and will not race San Diego.
62. Justin Cooper | Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star/Yamaha Factory Racing rookie suffered a number of fractured ribs and transverse process, and a concussion in a practice crash in Houston. He will be sidelined for four to six weeks.

2018 Oakland Supercross | 450 Class Provisional Entry List

2. Cooper Webb
3. Eli Tomac | The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider went down in the 450 Main Event and landed on his shoulder, which resulted in a contusion to the area. He sat out Houston, but won the Main Events at both Anaheim Two and Glendale.
4. Blake Baggett
10. Justin Brayton
12. Jake Weimer
14. Cole Seely
15. Dean Wilson | Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider went down in his 450 Heat Race at Anaheim One and suffered a contusion to the shoulder, a strained rotator cuff, bone and muscle bruising, and a sprained wrist. He has returned to racing at Anaheim Two, but is still recovering.
19. Justin Bogle
20. Broc Tickle
21. Jason Anderson | Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider leads the 450 championship standings.
22. Chad Reed | Privateer rider suffered ankle injury at 2017 Red Bull Straight Rhythm and despite not being fully recovered, is still racing.
25. Marvin Musquin | Red Bull KTM rider suffered a shoulder injury in a Heat Race crash in Houston. He has returned to racing at Anaheim Two, but is still recovering.
27. Malcolm Stewart | Continues riding for AutoTrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory team on "week to week basis."
33. Josh Grant
34. Weston Peick
39. Kyle Cunningham
51. Justin Barcia | Will finish out the 2018 race season with Monster Energy/Knich/Yamaha Factory Racing.
55. Vince Friese
60. Benny Bloss | Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM rider sustained lung injuries and a cracked sternum in 450 LCQ crash at the Anaheim One Supercross. His returned to racing at Glendale.
72. Josh Hansen | The LVN100/Nut Up/Perry Concept/Suzuki rider will only compete in select races in 2018.
73. Brandon Scharer
78. Ronnie Stewart
80. AJ Catanzaro
84. Scott Champion
86. Dylan Merriam
90. Dakota Tedder
91. Alex Ray
94. Ken Roczen
120. Todd Bannister
124. Robert Fitch
181. Dustin Pipes
211. Tevin Tapia
214. Vann Martin
282. Theodore Pauli
330. Cade Autenrieth
447. Deven Raper
471. Logan Karnow
501. Scotty Wennerstrom
509. Alexander Nagy
523. Miles Daniele
526. Colton Aeck
542. Johnnie Buller
608. David Pulley
713. Chad Cook
722. Adam Enticknap
907. Ben Lamay
914. Brice Klippel
976. Josh Greco
981. Austin Politelli


18. Davi Millsaps | Monster Energy/Knich/Yamaha Factory Racing rider had an offseason practice crash that resulted in an elbow injury and concussion. Due to the severity of the concussion, he has retired from racing.
58. Matt Bisceglia | Suffered broken ribs after getting hit by a bike in Glendale. Will sit out an undetermined amount of races.
723. Tyler Enticknap | Privateer suffered fractures to the hip and pelvis in a practice crash. Will miss the remainder of the season.