After one very brief weekend off, the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series is set to return to action for round thirteen of the year, the 2018 Seattle Supercross. This race will mark the beginning of the end of the season, as there are only five events left on the calendar before the final flag flies in early May. The return to Seattle in 2017 was well received by racers, teams, and fans but there’s always a risk of running a springtime event in a city known for rain. Mix that risk in with the unusual dirt the course was constructed from last year and well, the final result is a very soft and rutted track that challenged riders all through the day.

What can we expect this time in Seattle? Early forecasts are calling for rain leading into the weekend, but the Dirt Wurx crew has already constructed and covered the course in order to fend off the harsh weather. It’ll be interesting to see what shape the soil is in when they pull pack the tarps on Saturday. For now, take a lap around the digital rendering of the course with the track preview video!