PRICE |  $47 (Jersey), $139 (Pants)

SIZES | Small – Extra, Extra Large (Jersey), 28 – 38 (Pants)
COLORS | Gulf (Shown Here), Red


365MX is the house brand of riding apparel from online retailer ride365.com and has been made popular by social media start Brett Cue and privateer racer Chase Marquier. Made to compete with other entry-level economy lines, the pants and jersey from 365MX offer industry-standard points like nylon material, leather knees, and sublimated graphics.


– Sizing of the pants and jersey are spot-on. A medium jersey fits just like a medium from other brands, and that same can be said for the 30-inch pants. The cut of the full set follows the classic model of economic lines, with a slim yet unrestrictive fit. The sizing of the pant can be further adjusted to fit with the Velcro belt that runs along the left side and the ratchet closure on the front.

– The construction of the pants and jersey is solid. There were no corners cut with the durable nylon material and stretch panels used in the pants, the leather panels in the knees, and the polyester of the jersey. The pants feature no rubber patches or panels, which keeps the weight to a minimum. After a few long motos and even a few crashes, our set was void of holes or tears.

– Thanks to the ratchet closure/Velcro belt/snap button on the pants and extended tail of the jersey, everything stays tucked in place during our time on the track.

– Countless perforations in the jersey offer incredible airflow over the upper body, while mesh panels on the back of the legs pull warm air away.

– The blue-orange colorway is directly inspired by the classic Gulf Oil livery from European road racing scenes and Steve McQueen’s racing epic, Le Mans. There is a second jersey option offered to match the Gulf colorway that is much more modern than the classic style.


– Aside from the Gulf and red options, there are no other colors or styles in the 365MX line. The company plans to release a new limited edition style each quarter of the year, but quantities will be small.

– A pair of pants and a jersey will set you back 186-dollars, which is a bit pricier than other entry level offerings from established brands like FLY Racing, Fox Racing, Thor, etc.


Gear is gear, right? Well not exactly. We’ve tried everything from basic pieces of apparel meant for the masses to high-end, cutting-edge items that are best suited for the fastest riders on the track and know what’s works. The 365MX line checks off all of the necessary boxes like quality construction, proper fit, and sharp styles without breaking the bank. If you want to look different from everyone else at the track, this is another option to consider.