Each year around the first of December, dirt bike riders of all disciplines and skill levels come together for the Kurt Caselli Memorial Ride Day. While the loss of Caselli still weighs heavy among his fans, his friends, and his family, the day is filled with fun festivities, from giveaways to racing and is truly a celebration of his life and legacy. This year the event took place at a new venue, Fox Raceway, and attendees got to enjoy access to two tracks and a 3-mile off-road loop in the hills nearby.

Due to the recent rains, the tracks were muddy in the morning and were more challenging than usual, but the off-road loop was in prime condition and was a huge attraction. Even Jeremy McGrath took to the hills, doing lap after lap around the challenging single track trail. Soon, a whole host of top riders showed up, including Jeff Emig, Kacy Martinez, Taylor Robert, and Robbie Maddison. They gathered in the vendor area and were paired up with riders to race the Team Challenge, which is a one-of-a-kind race.

It began with a Le Mans start with a twist; racers also had to remove one boot and place it in a pile. Once they raced up the side of the jump and put their boot on, they ran to their bikes and headed off. After just a lap, they would pull in, remove a pair of Ethika boxers that was worn over their gear, and hand them off to their teammate. The next rider would then have to get the boxers on as quickly as possible and head out for their own lap. The switch took place lap after lap, and by the end of the race, it was nearly impossible to tell who was in what position. In the end, the race was more about having fun and raising money than anything else.

With the Team Challenge wrapped up, everyone gathered on the track and did a parade lap in Kurt’s honor, which included his close friends and family. After that, the tracks remained open until four in the afternoon and many stayed until the last possible moment. Overall, it was clear that Caselli’s legacy has continued to live on and grow in the off-road community and beyond. The event also contributed greatly to the foundation, which has already raised over one million dollars towards rider safety, from better equipment and improved courses to increased personnel. Contributions to the foundation can be made year-round, both in direct donations and through the purchase of apparel and merch, but we are already looking forward to next year’s event!