A1 Special: Pre-Race Chat

With the Anaheim 1 Monster Energy Supercross Series opener in our backyard, the entire TransWorld Motocross staff was on hand at today’s pre-race press conference. What does that mean for you? An overload of photos and video from the day’s activities, that’s what! After the formal interviews in the press conference, Donn and Jordan caught up with some of the riders to see what they had to say on a one-to-one basis. In swap’s video, hear from Trey Canard, Ryan Villopoto, Blake Wharton, Marvin Musquin, Chad Reed, and James Stewart. In Jordan’s video on page 2, you’ll find more with Musquin and Stewart, plus Jason Anderson, Mike Alessi, Martin Davalos, PJ Larsen, and Dianna Dahlgren. Enjoy!