JGR's Jeremy “J-Bone” Albrecht has been steadily working towards this moment since helping to form the race team in 2007. They have made vast improvements in their R&D and infrastructure over the last few years and seem well prepared for this next logical step in their progression with the hiring of James Stewart. We'll get to all the behind-the-scenes details not covered in the press conference and beyond with Jeremy tonight.

It seems like the drama of the off-season begins sooner and lasts longer each year as teams and riders position themselves in this redefined economic reality in our sport. Pro Circuit's Mitch Payton is well known for his "diamond in the rough" scouting and helping riders reach their full potential on the proven green machines in the Lites class. This year Darryn Durham received the call to fill one of those coveted rides after an impressive privateer effort out of the back of a van in 2011. DD will fill us in on his opportunity and access to indoor plumbing at the races.

Jimmy Button has many years of wisdom as both a former Factory rider and top agent in our sport. We always like his unique perspective during the off-season as the corporate puzzle pieces get heavier and more difficult to move every year. JB is also one of our favorite bench racers of all time and we have plenty to cover tonight with our good friend.

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