Alessi, Wey, Weigandt, Loretta Lynn’s on DMXS Radio Tonight

MotoConcepts' Mike Alessi is used to the underdog role and has no problem repeatedly proving his doubters wrong while picking up new fans along the way. We've known the Alessi clan since their amateur days and thought it was fitting to include such an accomplished Loretta Lynn's alumni on the show tonight so we can catch up on the summer while the pros enjoy some well-earned time off before Southwick.

There is a reason that a picture of Nick Wey has always been included on everything DMXS related. The Michigan Mafia godfather has supported us from day one and is considered part of our Georgia family. We were all concerned after seeing his horrible crash at Millville and are pleased to see him back on the mend and wanted his fans to hear it directly from him.

Jason Weigandt is calling the races at Loretta Lynn's this week and will join us with a mid-week update on the racing and a behind-the-scenes perspective on what it's really like to work with our own Kevin Kelly in a confined announcer's tower. They will line up a few interviews with some of the top amateur talent racing this week so make sure to tune in for a truly "live" update from the ranch.

Mike Burgess from Team Sakai Racing and Chase Yocom are organizing support for Stone Elder, a young 15-year-old amateur motocross prospect that was just diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. The cancer was discovered after being taken to the hospital after a crash preparing for Loretta Lynn's. You can check out for information on their auction or to donate directly. You can also contact Mike at

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