Alex Frye | New Kid On The Block

If you've followed the amateur motocross scene in the past few years, you are certainly familiar with the name Alex Frye. The newest member of the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull KTM 250 Team finds himself surrounded by a team of established riders and trainers who can certainly steer him in the proper direction at his young age. Having made a name for himself with both his speed and hard work ethic, the east coast native made his pro debut at Muddy Creek Raceway this summer under the Orange Brigade KTM awning to get his feet wet at the highest levels of racing. Now spending the most recent months 100% focused on his Supercross debut, the quiet, humble kid from Maryland has been soaking in everything like a sponge and hopes to make it happen aboard KTM's new factory 250 machine. We spoke with him at Pala after a hard day of training to hear how everything is going.

Alright Alex, you're out here at Pala putting in the day-to-day grind that is now your regular program. What's it like to be the new guy on the squad?

It's nice man, I've got plenty of people to chase, and plenty of people to give me pointers here and there. It really helps to make the days go by smoother, for sure. It's tough though for sure, each and every day I'm always having to chase, chase, chase! It's good, we have a great group of guys and it's like one big happy family over here.

Alex Frye | New Kid On The Block

You sort of flew under the radar this past year mainly due to injury, but you've been heavily backed by KTM grooming you into this spot for a couple years now. Talk about the last year a little.

 Yeah, I had two injuries this past year and missed about 10 weeks total. Yeah, this past year was really tough. You know, coming off a really good year in 2014 it was hard getting hurt in 2015, it just started off rough. We've got all of that behind us now, and with the Troy Lee KTM team we've been able to be solid and have good equipment and I think that's really going to show on race day.

How cool is it that you are riding a bike that is now a current KTM factory edition model the average consumer can buy?

 Yeah! It's cool you know? KTM's motto has always been "Ready To Race" and it shows, that is great bike. It's cool the consumer can go buy one, and just head right out and race it.

Alex Frye | New Kid On The Block

So who is helping you out with your training and technique in this important time for you in Supercross testing?

 The main group of guys are Tyla Rattray and Billy Laninovich. Billy is helping me with technique and Tyla is helping me off the track too with fitness and stuff like that. We have a good tight knit group of guys that are here every day, and my Dad is also always there to support me.

Alex Frye | New Kid On The Block

Is there any one rider, or specific thing that you see in your teammates that is super-impressive during the week?

 Yeah for sure, like Justin (Hill) through the whoops. He's good, really good. Jessy's fitness, Shane's fitness – those are things we always look at and want to work towards.

Can we assume you'll be an east coast guy then?

 Yeah, it's looking like that.

Alex Frye | New Kid On The Block

And you're from the East Coast, so that should be cool for you.

 Yeah, it will be nice to ride some ruts, and hopefully I'll have some fans out there!