Minnesotan Alex Martin enters his second year on the Troy Lee Designs KTM team and with a solid off-season at the Baker Factory, he is ready to do some damage in 2018. Paired with veteran tuner Jordan Troxell, Martin is confident and aiming for the top.

So, Alex, are you East or West?

Are you excited about that? Hard-packed, dry tracks…
Yeah, Sean Cantrell took a little digger last week so while I was planning on racing in the East, it's probably West for me now. I'm excited. Being that I missed the last four outdoors, it seems like I haven't raced in forever so I more or less want to get going. I've been healthy for a while now; I raced the Red Bull Straight Rhythm in October and had a good month of boot camp down in Florida in November. In December we're out here for a brief little bit for this KTM media intro and then it's back to Florida to get some more training in. I'm ready, I'm ready to go.

How is the facility down there with Tyla Rattray and Aldon Baker?
It's been fun. It's been awhile since I've done an East Coast program. In 2015 and '16 I've been out here in SoCal. You forget how chill it is and how relaxed it is back there. It's nice to not have traffic on the way to the track, you just get in and Aldon's piece of property itself is really nice. It's out in the country and it's a nice drive out there. They just finished the shop for us because this last summer we were pitted out of a sea container. Now we have a really nice shop with all we need mechanically and there's a gym in there. When we get done with our riding for the day, we do our gym session before we head home.

It's an all-in-one facility.
We're spoiled really, we have it too good, almost. It's been fun to take advantage of that.

Is there a big gnarly line in the sand, like you can't go into the Aldon, Musquin, Anderson side? In other words, is it two separate camps within a camp?
I will say, it was like that this winter. Now, Jason [Anderson]'s been in California, Zach [Osborne]'s here and there, and Dean [Wilson]'s in California. There's been days where we'll ride with Broc [Tickle] and Marvin [Musquin]. We've been riding different tracks together. When we first went out there in November, it was Zach, Marvin, and Broc doing their deal and we were on our track doing our deal. There's been days where we intermingle and mix it up.

Tell me about these foot pegs.
What's there to say? I've been running them for like seven years now.

They just look scary!
Yep, they're plus 20 millimeters.

Do you have your subframe cut too?
I ran a cut subframe last year, but I decided to man up. My balls dropped and I've got the normal stock one on now.
If you rode a normal bone-stock bike, you don't struggle that badly do you? It's a fine detail comfort thing, right?
When I first got the bike last September, going through the sand whoops at Millville I felt so uncomfortable with the stock pegs. I didn't feel like I had any space between my ass and the seat. It's a comfort thing for me, especially in Supercross. It helps in the whoops.

You looked good on our stock 150 SX filming Premix 2.
I know, I was looking at pictures of that afterwards and I was like, 'Dude, I look big on that bike!' I actually looked like I fit it really well.

So, the movie drops tomorrow, and your segment was pretty badass. Was it pretty fun getting on a 150?
I hope I don't have to pay for it! Do I get a free copy?

We'll get you one [laughs]. Was the 150 fun though?
It was. I will say, that's a really fun bike. I wish I had one just at home in the garage to go play. Maybe ride it in September when I was just chilling. It's a fun bike just to go out and ride. They have a really great powerband and it's so light that you can just flick it around. It's easy.

How would a 150 do in the whoops at Millville?
Wide open, pinned across the top.