You're having your best year yet. Can you give us an idea as to what you've changed in your program to make this such a good year for yourself?
The River/Yamaha team is getting a lot of help from Yamaha this year, so we're getting factory motors now and it's been huge. The Yamaha rig is there at every race, so if we ever need help with anything at all they're always there to help us out. Enzo has come on board this year with suspension and that stuff has been great all year. The team in general is just solid. We get to all of the races on time and we're not showing up late for tech or anything like that. Everything is really solid and consistent, which has allowed me to work on my program even further rather than worrying about other things like that.

Have you changed anything in your training program?
Yeah, a little bit. I'm living with my brother, Jeremy (Martin) out here in California and then when we're in Florida we're living together, also. We ride together everyday, we're mountain biking and running together every day and that's really helped me out. He's there pushing me the whole time! We've started training with Johnny O'Mara and that's been a huge help for me. Johnny keeps us honest every day, kicking our asses. I've learned a lot from Johnny and I've just been trying to keep up with my brother, which has taken me to the next level.

You had your career best finish at Glen Helen. What's it like to see all of your hard work paying off, this year?
It's awesome. It's been a good year. We got through Supercross with some good finishes on the podium. I've been doing this for a while now and for a while there I found myself asking, "Why am I putting in all of this work week in and week out to go out and get tenth of fifteenth on the weekends?" So this year we're really turning it around and I'm finally landing on the podium here and there, but most of all I'm in the mix with the front runners, now. Everything's been paying off and it's kind of nice for once (laughs).

Over the last few years, Jeremy has been in the spotlight. This year, though, you're in the spotlight more and more. Is that a cool thing that the two of you can share together?
Yeah, it's a little different this year. I was actually just thinking about how I'm sitting third in points and Jeremy is second in points right behind Marvin (Musquin). In the past when I was finishing just inside the top ten I was always cheering for my brother to win and now I'm getting closer to the position were we can both battle for podiums together. I think he's still got me a little bit since his fitness and his speed are a little above where I'm at, to be honest. I think the majority of the spotlight is still on him, but since I've improved so much over the last year or so, I'm slowly getting into the spotlight more and more.

You've been a pro for seven years, now. Will you be making the switch to the 450 class anytime soon?
I really dont have any plans yet. Obviously I don't want to race a 250 for my entire career and I'd like to move up eventually, but at this point in time I'm still eligible to remain in the 250 class for the next few years. The biggest thing would be to land on a well established team and make it known that I'm a consistent podium guy and then possibly move up to the 450 class.

It's no secret anymore that Millville is literally your home track. Are you looking forward to possibly bettering your brother there? Maybe a friendly sibling rivalry?
Oh absolutely! I definitely expect to be on the podium there. I've always wanted to rip a holeshot in front of the hometown crowd and lead some laps. That's a huge goal of mine. Maybe even try and outlast little bro (laughs).

Colorado is this weekend and some people struggle with the huge change in elevation. Have you ever struggled with the air density up there before?
No, not really. I've honestly never really noticed the elevation up in Colorado. I think they're at like 5,600 feet, so it's not especially high. Yeah, it does take a lot of the horsepower out of the motor. You can almost ride the bike a little harder since the amount of power is reduced, but yeah, I've never really had a problem with the elevation over there.

Any goals or expectations for Colorado and the rest of the year?
Yeah, definitely. I want to keep my starts up front and I expect myself to be up front with the top group of guys. I feel like the way I rode at the first two outdoor rounds is how I should be riding all year. If I stay with it, I should end up top three or top five every weekend. That's where I should be and that's where I expect to be. I especially want to remain consistent. It's a long series with 24 motos and we've already had some guys not finishing with valuable points or that have ended up DNFing a race. As long as I stay consistent, I should be up there in points at the end of the year.