The 2016 season was a real breakthrough for Alex Martin. In addition to earning his first two 250 MX National wins, the Minnesotan firmly established himself as one of the top contenders in the 250 class. For 2017, the elder Martin brother will have a new home at Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GoPro/KTM. Paired with mechanic Jordan Troxel and a very potent KTM 250 SX-F, ’17 should be filled with much more success for our buddy Alex. We saw him ride his new machine for the first time last week, and he was flying!

We have to say, you look really comfortable on the new bike….
Yeah, I just did a couple 20-minute motos here at Lake Elsinore’s Supercross track, and I feel great. I've had about a month and a half on the new bike, and it's been really fun. There’s a lot of new things this year, not only with the bike; but also with learning how everyone deals with each other on the team. I feel like we have a great team morale and everyone’s been meshing together very well.


Jordan Troxel is one of the most badass mechanics around…

Yeah! It's been fun working with Jordan so far. I know he worked with Jesse for a while and he's been on the team for many years, so he's definitely put in the time. Hopefully, we can get him some race wins together this year.

We can’t help but notice…you have a cooler Supercross style than your brother…
Yeah, that doesn’t take much (laughs)!


We watched Jeremy ride his new GEICO Honda last week and he looks great on his new bike as well. Have you two had a chance to ride together on your new machines yet?
After the Motocross of Nations, I took a couple weeks off and then we rode outdoors together, during my first week on the bike. That’s really the last time we rode together, but I know he's been hauling ass down in Florida. He seems to be really liking the new team and everything, I can tell just from his general attitude.

Any idea which coast you'll be racing on yet? And are you ready?
The general consensus is that I'll probably be racing East, but I'm training as if I were racing Anaheim One. I think the reason for East is due to the fact that I haven't had a lot of time on the new bike – I've been on a Yamaha for three or four years now – so a month or so on a new bike is just not enough time. There’s a lot of things you can learn from testing and developing new setups, so I think come East coast, we will be dialed in. Either way, I'm feeling really fit, and in just the last week we've made progress with suspension settings, to the point where I'm feeling really comfortable on the bike.


We were shooting pictures in the whoops, as you were coming towards us we noticed your lens color. Why do you favor that orangish lens?
Nice attention to detail! (Laughs.) I just started wearing Oakley, and back in October; they gave me a Prizm lens to try out. Since then, I haven’t worn anything else. I absolutely love that lens, it really brightens things up, but surprisingly, it's still really good on a sunny day.

Anything else new in your program besides the team and gear?
Besides the bike and the team, I'm training with Tyla Rattray now, which has been really fun. Mitchell Oldenburg, Shane McElrath, Davi Millsaps, and sometimes Dean Wilson, all train with Tyla as well, so it’s a real fun group of guys. I think we all have a similar mentality, besides maybe Davi (laughs). It's been enjoyable and It's pretty similar to what training I did over this summer. Tyla’s been really fun to work with, he's very knowledgeable and brings a pretty scientific approach to training, which I like. It's not just hammering down at the gym all the time, I've been switching it up a lot with stuff like swimming. I had my very first swim workout just a couple weeks ago, that took me a couple days to recover from (laughs). It's just been nice and fun to have a structured program with other racers; it makes training on a day-to-day basis a little more enjoyable.