Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard
Price | $119.95
Sizes | Medium-Large / Extra Large-Extra, Extra Large


Although Alpinestars is best known for its footwear, the Italian company offers a full line of protective layers for the rest of the body. The A-1 Roost Guard is one of the key products from the motocross line, as it is fully customizable to fit, incredibly lightweight, and has CE certification for front-end impacts.


The A-1 Roost Guard comes in two sizes for adults, but tailoring it to fit a particular person is a breeze, thanks to the adjustment straps that drape over the shoulders and around the waist.

The hard front and back pieces are constructed from a dense plastic that is surprisingly strong and protective (CE certified to EN 14021 standards) especially when compared to the weight. Ventilation is excellent, thanks to the small holes that are drilled into the material, while the foam liners don't inhibit the airflow.

Don't like the feel of the back panel? The modular design of the A-1 Roost Guard allows it to be removed and replaced with a simple Y-strap.

Works with a number of neck braces, especially the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support.


Take time to dial in the fit for the user, because the guard had a tendency to float around during a moto when left untightened.

The A-1 is designed to be a lightweight guard, so keep in mind that it doesn't offer the same level of padding as some others on the market.


Roost guards seem to cycle in and out of style, but there's no doubt that the simple pieces of equipment serve a purpose. With a low weight and plenty of protection, the Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard is a great option for someone who usually opts against wearing anything more than a jersey while on the track.