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Announcements continue to come from Alta Motors, as the California-based company has confirmed the release of a new high-performance off-road electric motorcycle. Titled the “Redshift MXR” the new model has increased performance, quicker recharging capabilities, and a lighter overall weight than the previous Redshift MX motorcycles. With torque and horsepower numbers (147 lb-ft at the countershaft and 50 hp) set to rival the 350cc machines offered by KTM and Husqvarna, the Redshift MXR is an indication of what’s possible with electric motors. The quicker recharge time is equally impressive (if not more so, depending on who you talk to) as it’s now able to recharge the battery pack in an hour and a half from a 240-volt power source. WP suspension components grace both ends of the bike, but 48 AER fork now replaces the previous 4CS option. With a few other refinements in key areas, the bike is eight pounds lighter than the base model Redshift MX.

The MSRP for the 2018 Alta Motors Redshift MXR will be $11,995, with the option of new Rapid Charger for $799 or
a standard charger at $499.

We will have more information on the 2018 Alta Motors Redshift MXR in the coming weeks, including a full test ride.

Below is the official press release announcing the motorcycle’s release…

Alta Motors, the Silicon Valley-based high-performance electric motorcycle company continues to disrupt the industry with its next-generation off-road motorcycle, the 2018 Redshift MXR.

The 2018 Redshift MXR priced at $11,995 with the option of new Rapid Charger for $799 or Standard at $499, sees enhancements throughout the entire motorcycle, most notably its new R-Pack and proprietary power control systems. The MXR delivers 50 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque at the countershaft, compared to the 2017 Redshift MX's 40HP and 120 lb-ft.

"The 2018 MXR incorporates feedback from all of our factory riders, customers, dealers, and press. We are committed to making the most compelling MX bike in the market, not just the electric market," said Jeff Sand, Alta Motors' Chief Design Officer. "The 2018 MXR is the pinnacle expression of engineering in service of rider control. Control gives a more exhilarating and fulfilling motorcycle experience. The MXR delivers."

Alta Motors new 5.8 kWh R-Pack continues its uncompromising commitment to energy-dense battery systems for high-performance electric motorcycles. The R-Pack battery takes advantage of new cell chemistry, delivering higher performance at cooler operating temperatures. Combine this with upgrades in software and the result is more power consistently delivered during a ride or race.

Beyond the improved powertrain, additional enhancements to the MXR shed 8 pounds throughout the entire motorcycle. The upgraded suspension is the best industry has to offer – the WP rear shock unit and AER 48 fork. This combination delivers greater adjustability and much lower mass to better suit a broad range of riders and terrain. The redesigned foot pegs not only improve grip and stability with their aggressive tooth profile, but also provide increased comfort with the adjusted riding angle, lower mass and better performance in the mud. The newly-fitted Dunlop Geomax MX3S tires were developed in AMA Supercross and Motocross, providing enhanced handling and grip regardless of the terrain.

"We've updated and enhanced well over 20% of the parts on the Redshift, demonstrating Alta's commitment to leading the development of electric motorcycles and producing the best motorcycle in the world," said Derek Dorresteyn, Chief Technical Officer. "The 2018 MXR's increased performance, better control, and lower mass all add up to more fun on the track or trail. When coupled with Alta's revolutionary adjustable throttle mapping systems, the MXR delivers an unmatched capability to our riders."
Alta Motors' new flagship, the MXR, with its suspension upgrades and powertrain and battery enhancements delivers the most thrilling motorcycle experience available.