My Friend's and Fan's,

My favorite national outdoor number is 14. This year The Biggest Loser is in their 14th season, and I would like nothing better to get a chance at showing our sport, as a motocrosser, how committed and dedicated we can be when the need is called on oneself. I have gained a lot of weight since 1991, and now is the time in my life to be healthy again, as I want to race again with all my old friends and new friends that are still racing today. I need this challenge to get my head back into becoming healthy.

You, my friend's and fan's from around the world, would make me fully committed as I seem to care about others more than myself. That's from my Mother's side, everyone loved Mama Tripes. So I am asking if you would help me by telling the casting directors what you feel about me in the short future by recommending me to The Biggest Loser.

Some of you have wrote me in the past and said that I changed their lives, and a couple have said that I have saved their lives. Write them why I should be on the show as a contestant. Please tell your friends, get on Facebook and all media, and tell the Motocross World to get the word out. Thanks for your consideration on this. Send your e-mails to

Marty Tripes