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Arai VX-Pro4 | Product Report

Price: $749.95

What It Is

Arai Helmet is a family owned helmet manufacturer from Japan that produces high-quality off-road, street, and automotive helmets largely by hand. The Arai VX-Pro4 received an update with a new visor, air ducts and mouthpiece a few years ago, and the new 2019 graphic schemes were just released. We were pumped to get our hands on a new VX-Pro4 in the Slash graphic. Arai's philosophy for helmet safety is based on a round helmet shape that is designed to flex on impact, with no sharp edges to snag against the ground in the event of a crash. The VX-Pro4 is certified to DOT and Snell standards, and it is considered by many to be one of the safest helmets made.


The comfort of an Arai can never be argued. Slipping the VX-Pro4 on is like enveloping your head in a custom-made pillow.

Until you wear a helmet as quiet as a VX-Pro4, you don't realize how mentally draining motorcycle and wind noise can be.

In the event of a serious crash with a possible neck injury, the cheek pads can be removed so that the helmet slips off with minimal resistance.

The redesigned visor and mouthpiece give the helmet a nice modern look. Furthermore, the air ducts on the rear of the helmet do a nice job of sucking hot air out of the exhaust vents.


Though the round shape of the Arai VX-Pro4 is part of its safety design, the look is a bit outdated, albeit made more modern with the new visor and mouthpiece.

The Verdict

While the debate between Snell standards versus ECE standards will never die down; having hit our heads in many Arai helmets through the years, we can say from experience that the VX-Pro4 has a soft, impact-dampening feel when coming into contact with Mother Earth. We trust Arai helmets completely to protect our brains.