AXO-55DSL Motocross Gear Collaboration

AXO is pleased to announce the new Motocross clothing line created in collaboration with
prestigious street wear label 55DSL.

AXO's 30-year heritage in the off-road field along with the inventiveness and creativity of spinoff
brand 55DSL, part of Only the Brave group (Diesel), makes for a winning combination and
guaranteed success. The line comprises of pants, jersey and glove combo and will be available in
limited quantities at your local dealership worldwide as of January 2009 also on display at 55DSL
flagship stores across the globe.

The limited edition Sport/Nickel line is available in adult and youth sizes.

MSRP: Pants $139.99, Jersey $59.99, Glove $39.99

For more info on AXO America or any of its products visit or call AXO 1-877-AXORACE
(661) 257-0916.