AXO America, Inc. Warehouse Data Integrated into ADP Lightspeed’s DMS

AXO America, Inc. products will now be available on ADP Lightspeed’s dealer management system following an integration of AXO’s data into the DMS, ADP Lightspeed announced.
AXO will allow its warehouse to be searched through the DMS, so dealers can view the available merchandise without leaving the DMS invoicing screen. The AXO data will automatically be added to all relevant searches. LightspeedNXT’s locator database will be updated daily, so the data will be current.
“We are very proud to have AXO warehouse information included in the Locator,” Dave Johnson, manufacturer solutions and consulting with ADP Lightspeed, said in a release. “By offering this data within the DMS, we are helping dealers search multiple sources to locate the part they need quickly”.
“Today we added one more digital cornerstone to our customer service through integrating part of our ERP system with ADP”, Nicola Serragiotto, VP of Operations at AXO America, Inc., said in a release. “Our short term goal is to continue developing a flawless electronic order system to avoid any cost of transaction and mistake”.

About AXO America, Inc.

Our Mission
To develop, manufacture and distribute apparel, footwear and accessories for motorsport and cycle riding, for every level of riding skills: from beginner to champion. To help riders achieve and go beyond their limits in sports, thus better defining who they are as persons and enrich their lives and well being through the activity of those sports.
Our Vision
To become a Worldwide leading brand in the motorsport and cycle riding accessories market through empowering the AXO brand and through acquisition of authoritative and complementary brands.

Our Values
Financial wisdom: financials are the indicator of our current activity, the mirror of our past activity and the premises to our future.

People: shareholders, employees, business partners, stakeholders and athletes associated with AXO are one team, leading our company. They all benefit from the enthusiasm of working for AXO and simultaneously they are the ones bringing enthusiasm into the company.

Sport: sport is not just our business: it is part of our lives helping us actively understand our business and increasing our well being.

Innovation: innovation is to be developed in every aspect of our business: products, services and all of our activities

About ADP Lightspeed

ADP Lightspeed, based in Salt Lake City Utah, is a part of ADP Dealer Services, which provides integrated computing solutions to over 25,000 auto, truck, motorcycle, Powersports, and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. ADP, with nearly $9 billion in revenues and about 570,000 clients is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. For more information