Bailey/Hannah/Townley/Hepler/J-Bone/Weege on DMXS Tonight!

What a difference a year makes. David Bailey was literally in the fight of life last year, but the ICON has once again overcome the odds and is back enjoying life, family, and helping his son race again. We have run out of words to describe his strength and determination, but will just simple say it’s nice to have our friend back.

A very wise Pennsylvanian once said, “You can never have enough Bob Hannah.” Truer words have never been spoken Alphado, and we hardily agree. For those of you with the fortitude to handle it, a new four-hour Hannah DVD is about to be released. This is not for the weak or weary, but those of us that believe the Hurricane was the keystone from the past to the present day rider, it’s a must have for your MX collection. Bob will take a break from Fox News just long enough to fill us in on the details. Prepare to be roosted!

Todd Huffman is the brainchild behind the uber-popular MX Files, Epic Ride, One Chance to Win, and the latest Hannah DVD. Todd is well-respected in the industry and continues to pump out quality work. One of his latest projects is working with JGR and Toyota’s All-Access mini films that you have seen all year long. This Friday the Toyota All-Access will feature Bob Hannah at the Dallas SX on track walk with the JGR team. If ever you wanted to be a fly on a berm, it’s for that little nugget. Todd will join us to discuss all this and when we can expect to see MX Files back on the air.

Factory Red Bull Honda’s Ben Townley has had tough time since wrapping up the SX East Lites title last year. Rumors surfaced a few weeks ago that he had broken his wrist while training in Florida and would miss the outdoors. Of course the internet had it wrong and BT is a little banged up but will be on the gate at Glen Helen. You can hear it from his own mouth and his precious Kiwi accent tonight.

JGR’s Jeremy Albrecht had the daunting task of assembling a Factory caliber team from scratch in just a few short months. I’m sure he has learned a lifetime of lessons since Anaheim 1 and will drop in to give us his scorecard for the year on his own team. There has been lots of speculation where James Stewart will land next year including on their team. We will ask J Bone all that and about their newest hire for the outdoors.

Factory Yamaha’s Broc Hepler is just looking for an entire year without having to deal with an injury. The popular rider has had several careers worth of setbacks but continues to impress with his speed when healthy. “Can You Smell What the Broc is Cooking” Hepler will call after a day of testing the 450 is Cali. Broc will be switching over this summer, so lets hope the change brings some good luck as well.

I wish I could buy stock in Jason Weigandt. The kid is hotter than Google right now with no end in sight. I can’t even remember all the stuff he does, but it’s a lot and he does it oh so well. He has been with us from day one and we always enjoy it when he has time to stop by and catch up. We will also see if he ever found Jason Lawrence.

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