BBR Returns to Support Masters of Mini

Maxxis Presents the Transworld Masters of Mini is very proud to announce that BBR Motorsports will return for their second year of support to the Northeast Pit Bike Series.

BBR started with MoM in 2007 and brought the series to a new level with cash contributions, killer prizes and top name team riders attending several rounds including the finale at Mototown, USA.

“Without question, BBR’s involvement gave our series a credibility boost last year,” series organizer Dave Olcott said, “and the kids were stoked on seeing a familiar brand affiliated with their series. When they brought in top names like Derek Costella, Tom Parsons, Chris Worrell and the Tribus Brothers it blew us all away!”

BBR’s Director of Sales and Racer Support understands what the Masters of Mini is all about and after attending the series finale he had this to say about continuing into 2008, “It was a no brainer for BBR to step up and sponsor the 2008 Transworld MoM Series. The series has been growing year after year with Dave and his crew of enthusiasts putting on great events. These guys know how to put on a series that is great for sponsors and riders alike. And….they don’t let skinny guys ride the Fatty class. How can you top that?”

BBR has pledged even more support than last year and more top names for the finale at Mototown, USA this December.

Look for more information on the MoM series to follow soon. Registration opens Monday June 2nd and the series opening round is at the annual Marshfield Fair in Massachusetts on Tuesday, August 19th.

Want to be a sponsor of the 2008 MoM series?