BBR’s Derek Costella Set to Defend MiniMoto SX Title

Seattle, WA – (April 15, 2008) Two-time MiniMoto SX Champion, Derek Costella, and the BBR/Monster Energy Team have been busy preparing for 2008 MiniMoto SX. Click the video link to see Costella’s test session on his 2008 BBR/Monster Energy Factory Bike.

For the MM12E class, Costella will be using the very latest technology including several prototype designs. Utilizing Kitaco 4-Valve technology and a pre-production 2009 prototype BBR Perimeter Frame, Costella’s machine is posting incredible lap times in testing sessions. The U-Flow Air Filter Kit has also boosted performance by allowing the bike to be jetted correctly and is delivering a high volume of clean air resulting in much better throttle response.

For his part, Costella has been training, testing and racing all winter to prepare for the big race. He had this to say about the upcoming race, “I am feeling really good on the new bike and can’t wait to return to the Orleans Arena to defend the title. I have been training hard for this race and the team has done a ton of work to make sure we have bikes that rip.” -Derek Costella, 2-Time MiniMoto SX Champion

There are only a few weeks left until the big race, so if there are any performance products you need call BBR today at (888) 668-6227 or (253) 631-8233