Darryn Durham’s Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/KTM

Behind Bars | Darryn Durham’s Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/RedBull/KTM

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One of the most exciting parts at the first round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series is all of the fresh, new bikes. Most teams have spent months dialing in the graphics and what sort of components will be showcased on their bikes. The end result is usually a tricked out race machine for all of the gear heads to drool over.

One team that has separated itself from the other KTMs in the pits is the newly transformed Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Red/Bull/KTM team. Besides the graphics, the team opted to use a fluorescent orange plastic—specific to their team—which in turn made their bikes completely stand out from the rest. We caught up with TLD’s Sean Trihey to figure out what kind of components he uses on his bike, and how Darryn Durham likes to customize it even further.