INSTAGRAM | @benlamay

The details of riders and teams for the upcoming year are becoming more clear with each passing day this offseason and now Ben LaMay has shared a post on Instagram that explains how his plans for 2019 will be to return to the Teddy Parks-run TPJ program.

LaMay spent 2018 with Parks at the industry-supported TPJ, an outfit that transports bikes and offers a space in the pit area for independent privateer racers, while maintaining a full-time job in Texas with the Monster Energy Corporation. Late in the Supercross season, LaMay began to hint at his involvement in a newly-formed team that later became known as Phoenix Racing, which made its debut in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Through the early weeks of the offseason, all signs pointed at LaMay remaining with Phoenix Racing for 2019, but it appears the two parties agreed to go their own ways instead.

In his Instagram post, LaMay states that he will return to the TPJ group in 2019 and that he has left the job with Monster Energy in order to fully focus on the preparation and training necessary for the professional level.

LaMay will race at the 2018 Paris Supercross event in France this weekend alongside a slew of other American racers.