After eight years of service as mechanic to Adam Cianciarulo, during both the amateur and professional portions of the young rider’s career, Brett Mountain has decided to step away from the position and pursue a new job away from the work bench. The news came via an Instagram post by @adamcianciarulo, who is currently on the sidelines with a wrist injury, which includes both a thank you to Mountain for his years of help and the promotion of Brandon Zimmerman to full-time wrench.

Want to thank this guy right here for everything he’s done for me over the years. @brettmountain has been my race mechanic since I was 12 years old- from the amateur nationals to SX he’s always given his all and worked his butt off for me and for that I’ll always be grateful. Brett is moving on to pursue opportunities outside the industry and I know he’ll kill it at whatever he does. With that being said, I’m stoked to have my (now former) practice mechanic @zimm763 moving up & onto @pcraceteam. Here’s to the future boys.

Mountain was the subject of the Spanner feature in our February issue. In the biography portion of the article, Mountain explained his unusual career path. A former amateur racer, he graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business finance and worked on motorcycles as a hobby. After meeting Cianciarulo through mutual friend Zac Commans, Mountain took over as AC’s mechanic in 2009 and worked in the service department of the Pro Circuit shop. When Cianciarulo moved up to the pro ranks, Mountain did as well.

We reached out to Mountain and talked with him on the decision. He replied, “I am moving back home to do a bit of a restart on everything. I loved what I did and would make the same choice if asked again, but it has come to the point in my life where I want something more than what being a race team mechanic is going to offer. I do have a few leads that I’m working on but they are by no means a done deal…so at this point I am leaving to be able to figure it all out and have the time to do so. I went to school and have a BA in business finance so I’m going to try a career that I can put that to use in. I’ve learned what I enjoy and what I’m good, at and I’m going to find something that fits me a little better going forward in life. I’m honestly super excited that I’ve finally made the decision and everyone around has been really understanding which is cool. I’ve always known that this was coming eventually, and I just feel that the time is right.

“At the end of the day my path was going to make this turn after working for Adam, anyway. I kind of gave myself a time frame and I’m at the end of it, so it’s time to move on and try to better myself. Life’s one big learning lesson and I’m taking away a ton of knowledge from this. Anyway, that’s where I’m at in a nutshell. I always wish Adam the best, and I believe that the best days of his career are still ahead of him.”

Congrats to Brett on making the decision to try something new and Zimmerman for his promotion to the PC team.