Broc Hepler Returns for the inaugural Moto-X World Championships

Cypress California, April 10, 2008 –Yamaha Motor Corporation is pleased to announce that Broc Hepler will be making his return to racing this weekend at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego to take part in the inaugural Moto-X World Championships after suffering an injury during the AMA Supercross series at Anaheim 3.

Broc attended a 4 hour practice session today at Qualcomm Stadium and according to Team Manager Jim Perry, “Broc looked really good today, it didn’t take him very long at all to get back to race pace after being off for so long.”

Just having returned to California from his home in Pennsylvania on Sunday, Broc was honest about his expectations for the race, “I haven’t spent a ton of time on the bike yet, but I feel like I’m getting better every time I ride, so things should be looking pretty good by the time this weekend rolls around”.

The current plan is for Broc to shake out the cobwebs this weekend and then be back for the final West Coast AMA Supercross round in Seattle, WA and the Supercross Season Finale in Las Vegas.