BTO Sports Update – Atlanta SX

Headed out to Supercross at the GeorgiaDome this Saturday? If so, be sure to stop by the team BTO Sports/BBMX Suzuki rig in the pits! Just like we did in Anaheim and San Diego, we will be there in full force, putting on a good time for the fans. Show up any time after 12:30pm, and we will have refreshments and gift bags for you while our supplies last.

The fun starts at 12:30pm at the BTO Sports Suzuki Rig in the pits under the GeorgiaDome. Print out a copy of the BTO Sports Facebook page and brint it with you to the pits in order to be a part of the elite fan experience.

Here's a link to the BTO Sports Facebook page. BTO Sports Facebook

Refreshments and prize bags are given out while supplies last! See you there!