Dear Pro Racers,

We know that you’d like to add a few more bucks to your bank account, especially during the offseason months, so that’s why you need to enter the Pro Race portion of the 2018 TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival. We’re putting up a $10,000 purse, knowing that should entice the top talent enough to hit the race track. Win the overall and you’ll take home $5000 and the bitchin’ SLAM belt. Not bad for an afternoon of effort, huh?

Gone are the days of head to head battles on the Supercross track. Now we’re running a standard two-moto format against a gate full of competitors on the Main Track at Milestone MX Park, something you should be able to handle with even the most battered practice bike in your garage.

If you want to toss your name in the ring, get a hold of our fearless leader Donn Maeda and tell swapmoto that you’ll throw down for five grand and the trophy. Don’t have his phone number? There’s always the direct message feature on Instagram.

For the last decade or so we’ve taken over a Southern California track, invited the industry to set up shop on a vendors row, and covered the entry fee for riders for a day fill of two-wheel fun. This year we’re going back to Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California, and prepping every MX track for the hundreds of riders that’ll spin laps with their friends and take advantage of the deals offered by the biggest brands in moto. At a certain point, we’ll have to clear everyone off of the Main Track and get things ready for a no-holds-barred battle with the SLAM Pro Race that’ll pay the winner of the motos a very nice sum of money. If you have the need for speed in your system, line up with us for a night of low-speeds and left turns on the flat track!

Saturday, September 8th
Milestone MX Park | Riverside, California