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With his eyes set on a professional debut in the not-so-distant future, Carson Mumford is taking the 2019 Supercross Futures series head-on. The all-new racing series serves as the official gateway towards earning a professional license to race Monster Energy Supercross, and aspiring amateurs must earn points through Supercross Futures in order to do so. Coming off of a successful year in 2018, Mumford is on track to continue building momentum as he nears the end of his amateur career and he has plenty of experience and insight into amateur racing. We sat down with him in Glendale at the opening round of the series to get his thoughts on Supercross Futures and how it impacts a racer at his level.

The Supercross Futures are back this year, but it carries a lot more weight now that it’s the official feeder series for Supercross. What does having a series like this mean to an amateur racer like yourself?

I really just take it race by race because it’s hard to do them all. We have Loretta’s qualifiers, Mammoth qualifiers, and we’re getting ready for all of those too. Each team is treating these races differently and I think my team is focused on me getting the points I need, getting ready for Loretta’s, and getting prepared for the Monster Energy Cup.

For you, how would you compare this to the Monster Energy Cup?

I would say the track is a little easier, but it still has a really gnarly rhythm section. Half of the track is mellowed out for the fifties and the finish line. There’s also no triple. The competition is still tough though. We’ve got Jo Shimoda who just won the Monster Cup, Seth Hammaker who also won the Monster Cup, Jalek Swoll is coming off of two Loretta’s championships, and Pierce Brown could easily be the fastest guy. We’re all riding really good and it’s going to come down to getting good starts. We all really want to win, but we really want our points too and we want to get through things safe before the Spring Nationals.

Which rounds are you planning on attending? 

I know I’m doing the first three, so I’ll do those and then after that, you never know. I might sign up for a few other ones because the team will already be there. I can just throw a bike in the trailer with them and I can ride the same dirt as some of the pros and ride in new stadiums. If I have an off weekend, I’d like to do some.

I know that they’ve tamed this track down to accommodate everyone. Do you prefer this set-up or do you like more of a Monster Energy Cup style track where it’s the same thing the pros are on?

I wish it was really gnarly because I’ve got three Supercross tracks of my own and they’re some of the hardest tracks that I’ve ridden. I’ve really excelled at the tougher section here and I got it down right away without too many mistakes. I wish there were some whoops too. Honestly, I wish the Monster Energy Cup was harder too though because it’s harder setting your bike up for something that isn’t full Supercross.

With that said, you’re riding quite a bit of Supercross in your free time then? 

Yeah, I hadn’t ridden Supercross in two weeks up until Thursday, but I was riding it like two days a week up at my track. I haven’t really gotten bored with it either. I ride it a lot.

So, as far as the rest of 2019 goes, I know you’ve mentioned doing some other races with Loretta’s and Monster Energy Cup, but what’s the overall plan for you this year? 

After I get my points here in the Supercross Futures, I’ll get ready for the Spring Nationals in March. I’ve got Underground and Freestone I believe. Then I’ll be doing the Mammoth qualifiers that are coming up just for some gate drops. Then I’ve got regionals coming up for Loretta’s. After that, we’ll do Mammoth, Loretta’s, and Monster Cup. As long as I stay healthy, that’s my plan.