We were happy to see our friend Jessy Nelson this week at the KTM 2018 Race Team Launch event. If you follow him on Instagram you should already know that he’s been working with the GoPro/Troy Lee Designs/KTM team as an ambassador, driving UTVs, and carrying on with his therapy, but we wanted to hear more…

What has been going on with you lately?

Not a whole lot is new as of last time we spoke, but I've been keeping up with therapy and trying to stay busy without letting it consume me. Sometimes, it's all I want to do and other times it's not what I want to do at all. I try to stay busy and keep a good mindset. I'm working on a documentary right now about my life. It's short; it should be around 35-40 minutes. I'm still going over the finer details and making sure everything is lined up correctly and all my bases are covered too. I want to put together a cool story because I think I have one. I'm trying to tell that correctly. I've been working on the garage a little bit and trying to plan this wedding. Just about everything is finalized. I've definitely been busy for sure.

Has there been any progress as of late? I know you posted your toes moving a little on Instagram.

I mean I can still do that. I have really good feeling in my legs, I just don't have any movement really. I can feel a feather on my leg or my hair is getting pulled. I just can't get anything to function or move really. Things are getting a little bit better and some of my holds are getting a little bit longer, it's just really slow and it's not ideal. Any doctors out there listening, we need to hurry this shit up [laughs]!

The feeling is something new though because initially, I remember that you couldn't feel stuff.

Yeah, the feeling keeps getting better and better in my legs. I mean, I can feel pain now. That's getting better. My right leg is still a little hard to tell with the pain, but the left is really good. Things are getting better, it's just not ideal. It's not what I want. I'm doing a little bit of stuff with the Troy Lee Designs guys, I'm trying to stay relevant with those guys. I've also been working with Polaris too. Not a whole lot of new things really.

Tell me about the Polaris thing, you're a UTV racer now?

Yeah, and the new Polaris RZR is supposed to be coming out here soon. Stay tuned for that, it should be really cool. Hopefully, I'll start racing that sometime around March I believe. I've never done that before, but I'm going to try to get into that scene and see how it goes.

That ought to be pretty cool to scratch your racing itch.

Definitely! It brings back some of those feelings I get from racing motorcycles. It's not the same, but hopefully, I can be competitive. I want to open some eyes, or at least if I don't then I know it's not for me. I definitely want to give it a try for sure and see what it's all about.

I also saw something about Jessy Nelson motocross schools.

Oh, the fundraiser that Road 2 Recovery is putting together on the 16th of December. They got a lot of good people coaching too. I think it's going to be about 100 riders or so, and Destry Abbott, Ryan Villopoto, David Bailey, and a lot of good people are coming out.

Where's that at?

It'll be at Pala Raceway. If anyone wants to check it out, there may still be spots available. Go to road2recovery.com or the Road 2 Recovery Instagram page, or my Instagram page as well.

So, you've got Max Lee living at your place now?

I've got a gang of little shitheads running around my house [laughs]. Right now, I have Carson Mumford for the month, Derek Drake, and Max Lee, but Max is on and off because he's been all over the place. Those are the kids I've got running around the house right now. It's cool having them because you've been in that same position coming up through amateurs and getting rides and support. It's cool to help them a little.