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Whether you know him as Adam Enticknap, the 7deucedeuce, or Mr. Lit Kit, there’s a good chance you’re aware of the likable privateer from California. His personality and musical career have made him popular among fans off the track, and he’s been working hard to back it up with strong results on race day. Injuries and finances have kept Enticknap from participating in the full outdoor series, but the relatively short drive from his home to Washougal has allowed him and his brother to make an annual appearance there. This year, he arrived with a freshly built bike that was the subject of his recently released single, “My Bike is Too Lit,” in addition to sporting the 2019 line of Fly gear.  

The new single just dropped not too long ago, what was the highest number that it got to on the charts?

The highest I got was 38th on the singles chart, which is pretty cool considering that two years ago my album was fifth on album charts, but not one of those songs made it to the singles on Top 200. It’s pretty cool, it’s getting a tremendous amount of views and love. Everybody’s sharing it and they seem to be really digging it. It’s awesome to see the whole moto community come together to enjoy something and have fun.

It’s crazy to think about how small the moto community is among the total population and to have the song get that high is wild. 

Yeah, it is, but I think that the moto industry is getting popular right now with a lot of the rappers and models wearing motocross gear and goggles. I’m lucky that I’m at an age where motocross is hot and we want to keep it hot. That’s what I’m doing.

Tell me about this bike. The thing is definitely trick. 

Oh yeah [laughs], we’ve got some unobtanium on there for sure! We’ve got the Louis Vuitton seat, the Louis V graphics. Everything on that bike is one-off and custom, and it’s really cool to be able to have the pleasure of people supporting me and those sponsors coming together for me. It’s cool to have it on display. A bunch of people have already come by and it’s just practice so I can’t wait till people start rolling in. I just have to thank everyone so much for putting this together for me.

So, what is your favorite part of the bike? 

To be honest, I think the Louis Vuitton seat. It’s dope, it’s my favorite part. It’s the real Louis Vuitton Italian leather and it’s gorgeous. It actually hooks up better than I thought it would on my butt [laughs]. The whole bike came together so well. It looks so good.

Not only do you have a fresh bike, you’ve also got some fresh gear to wear now. What do you think of the 2019 Fly gear? 

Bro, I’m Mr. Lit Kit and I know what’s up. The 2019 gear is unbelievable and the fit is incredible. Every year these guys just keep getting better and better, I don’t know how they do it. I would say that Fly is in the top three for gear companies without a doubt. Anyone that you walk up to would say that now and to see where they’ve come from and where I started with the company to where they’re at right now is incredible. I’ve got the lit bike and the lit gear. I feel fresh and fast.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you and your brother racing. What have you been up to since Supercross and after Washougal, what’s your plan? 

We’re just training. Outdoors costs a lot of money to run because it’s a little more harsh on the bikes and all of that. We couldn’t afford every single round, but we spent all of our money trying to get to Santa Barbara to train at Strength Happens with Taylor Selby and Mike Claytor. We are training our tails off every single day. We’re in the gym four days a week and on the mountain bike six days a week. It’s been absolutely amazing to see the change in my figure and the change in my body and performance. We’ve got about six to seven months – actually, five months – until Supercross after Washougal to get ready. I think we’re going to have time to come out for Supercross and people are going to be like, “Wow, these kids put in the work.” I also think this weekend at Washougal it shows too with both of us Enticknaps. Tyler is coming off of a big shoulder injury and he’s doing really well right now. I had a little injury in Supercross with the collarbone, but I’m feeling really good. I’m happy to be back and it’s a struggle for me because outdoors isn’t really my forte, but I’m making it my forte. It’s one of those weaknesses that I need to turn into a strength so I can be better in Supercross too.